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The Triangular Mist.The Triangular Mist.

The Triangular Mist.


The Triangular Mist.


Have you ever thought about the bi-causal relationship between happiness and love?

To a lady called Abefe, these two flashpoints above are all that matters and guides her through her life choices and decisions.

The Triangular Mist is a character-driven Nigerian epic contemporary melodrama about an innocent and gullible young lady (Abefe) who is an orphan.

She is trapped in a triangular love nest between two men she loves. The first one, because he is her very first love, and the second one, because he was there for her when she became heartbroken.

Both men are in a love battle for her love, care, and attention. But all she earnest desires above all is to be happy.

She keeps dancing in circles, in the aqua of intrinsic bewilderment,

She becomes an edentulous patsy, who can’t burgeon teeth to bite against the extra mundane chains of doubts,

She wonders in yonder, how come her two lovers are free from this mental slavery,

Only but to realize, that it’s just a state of mind.

Note: The Triangular Mist is a film treatment that can be adapted into a movie.

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