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I Nigeria worth Dying For?

Is Nigeria worth Dying For? [caption id="attachment_5594" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Nigeria.[/caption] By: Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi. A vague indeterminate sound deep in my throat, when I had been crossing roads to paddle my own canoe -- to the successful road. I was in my juvenile period; when my graceless friend called me a servant of poverty. He was a education fellow. It was pitiable, for the heat of the blush fires merely added to the fire of the sun.   I cried loudly as I ran to Mama. "what happened my son?" She asked anxiously.   "Mama! My friend called me a servant...

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Poetry Corner:

Winsala Muses Ltd.

Poetry Corner: [caption id="attachment_9582" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Poetry Corner.[/caption] Village Life. Village Life; We are drinking from stream water Eating In a place that's filled with winter.   Village Life; We are just slumbering On our sleeping-bag Without suffering.   Village Life; We are all smiling And burning Without crying Because our crops Are splashing green-leaves.   Village Life; When the Sky Has cock the black We congregate ourselves For telling different stories.   Village Life; If I want to go and meet Ololufe mi (My lover) Agbeke. I would hold Stones, trowing It to their roof. Hearing that, my love...

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Special Poetry Corner: My Personal Affective.

Special Poetry Corner: [caption id="attachment_10440" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Poetry Corner.[/caption] My Personal Affective. She's my own and my focus Her aesthetic beauty is my own sonorous She's born for me not for everyone of us. She has a dimple That makes her smile too simple Her beauty scores joy to my court Combat shall never rise upon our courtship cut. She's blessed with everything If I look into her eyes I see many thing Her gap teeth shines like bronze That makes me to loose my sight without seeing anything.   She's my soul and my personal affective Remembering her In...

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Satire: Remembering Abdulfatai Ahmad.

Satire: Remembering Abdulfatai Ahmad. [caption id="attachment_9593" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Abdulfatah Ahmed.[/caption] By: Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi. Infrastructures would blow the whistle of laughter, that it's their turn to look alike with spotless soul. And It's time that every eagles and birds In Kwara state would sound peaceful -- as an expectations that stayed In Kwarans mind sets.     But, If this were not Governor Abdulfatai Ahmad's plan, when Kwarans put him to the seat of Immunity. Like to make the life of the people better? To provide good Infrastructure? To save the state from dilapidation? But If one looks Into Kwara State...

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Poetry Corner: The Talking Pen of Winsala Muses Sages.

Winsala Muses Ltd, Poetry Corner.

Poetry Corner: [caption id="attachment_8874" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Poetry Corner.[/caption] The Talking Pen of Winsala Muses Sages. Peace.   What is peace When they suck and sap our energies, Taking pleasure in purging and atrocities, Dazzling clean after bathing in a few drops lefts in our bony frameworks Sour and bitter is the taste of our lives No tranquility, No serenity What is peace then? Mukudzeiishe. DARK EMOTIONS II. _I don't want to step on the memories_ _of this faceless road_ _If my eyes refuse to go blind_ _Cover my face with dark clothe._ _If the Lake in me cease to flow_...

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Special Poetry Corner: The Nigeria I desire.

Poetry Corner

Special Poetry Corner: [caption id="attachment_9189" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Poetry Corner.[/caption] The Nigeria I desire. (Prologue)   The Nigeria I desire is not_ How rhythms sound In stereo. And poverty becomes wave of radio. Even the economy jeered Into blight.     The Nigeria I desire; Is not how government_ Wore a cap of glee, while citizens, Are In fest of crying damn!     The Nigeria I desire; Is not how cloth befitted Inequality. And how education denied_ academic stability.     ( Epilogue)   The Nigeria I desire; Is where citizens would not_ Be denied free education. And the mellifluous...

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Let’s tell the story of our village people.

Short Story: [caption id="attachment_8074" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Short Story[/caption] Let's tell the story of our village people. By: Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi. We want things done with so much ease like opening and closing an eye. Students love making their things not to reach the limitations of time . But the cloud blues not for the satisfaction of their expectations. University Student -- they usually wake up when the cock cries the sight of morning. For they have It in mind; not to be at the back. Black period that comes after the sun had travel to it abode. In the field of...

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Special Poetry Corner: It Is Your Birthday.

Winsala Muses Poetry Corner

Special Poetry Corner: [caption id="attachment_8949" align="aligncenter" width="199"] Poetry Corner.[/caption] It's your birthday. It's a consequential and substantial day of joys. Why! Are you asking me? My friend is plus one_ Today. So, I should be playing with toys. I've been anticipating today; yeah! "Abebi Is a year older today," Facebook murmured. See! I could remember without Facebook reminder.     It's your birthday.     The Sun bow to shine, The Moon that's rotating, Flaunt you owns today; not mine. As today's Sun crocked, that you're dare to shine. Longest life with hikmah, Idayah. And a Fabric wealth that smiles....

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Special Poetry Corner: ALMAJIRI—ISM.

Special Poetry Corner: [caption id="attachment_8886" align="aligncenter" width="240"] Special Poetry Corner[/caption] ALMAJIRI---ISM I'm spending my childhood; Like I'm dying In life. But existing like no more.   I'm spending my childhood; Without any taste_ Of sweetness honey. But a sadness day; In a darkness morning.   I'm spending my childhood; Without having a good word_ From the world. I'm eating what comes to me, I'm sleeping where night fixed me, And I'm sleeping without any dream. "THE YOUNG MAN TELLS STORY. Copyright: Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi. AllĀ  rights reserved. Powered by Winsala Muses.  

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Poetry Corner: Kemisola.

Poetry Corner.

Poetry Corner: [caption id="attachment_8789" align="aligncenter" width="169"] Poetry Corner[/caption] Kemisola. DEAR KEMISOLA,   Had It been I was around, I would have been telling all_ Your day It's the best and well_ Known In the world and all around.   Remember I've been around_ Before I wasn't around. Remember Moon are struggling to move.   If It stays without moving, It would be like Water that forgot It source and dried In vain. The wind of life has took me far from you, But, you will wake up; seeing me after I would Be taken back.   I'm wishing you, longest...

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