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Welcome to Winsala Muses Ltd, an epistle of insoluble suspense brought out of heartfelt insights which are metaphysical.

Winsala Muses Ltd is a book and movie publishing and retailing outfit, with a blog centered to showcase the awesome world of literature and print journalism electronically. 

The following is the further break down of the brand Winsala Muses:

  1. Winsala Muses Book Publishers Limited: The company’s major goal, is to cultivate, nurture and establish young and upcoming writers by publishing their manuscripts electronically, which affords them the opportunity to reach out to the world unlimitedly. Winsala Muses Book Publishers Limited is a professional publishing service for authors of all books and categories. Publishing is free and remunerations are received per net sales.
  2. Winsala Muses Studios: In as much as there is beauty in conceptualizing one’s thoughts and putting them in writings, there’s a more holistic pulchritude in dramatizing these conceptualized thoughts. In light of this, Winsala Muses studios’ intent is to dramatize the extraordinary thought processes of scriptwriters via motion picture/movie making. As creative writing and motion picture have a bi-causal relationship. We’re opened to working with scriptwriters.
  3. The National Trumpet: Is an editorial that attempts to inform, explain, persuade, convince, and give insights on controversial issues and events happening across the world. With Nigeria as a major case study. The National Trumpet also seeks to bring to you on a daily basis, news making headlines across major newspapers.
  4. Winsala Muses Television: In a bid to foster the enigma of literature well scripted and the world of Mass Communication, the Winsala Muses Television was born. The idea is  to integrate an internet means of transmitting transient images of fixed or moving objects together with sound through YouTube and other relevant apparatus. Thereby, feeding our avid viewers with great and metaphysical contents.
  5. Winsala Muses Podcast: The Winsala Muses Podcast would be a generical netcast, in an episodic series of digital audio files, which web users would be able to listen to via the website.

Winsala Muses, has a wide spectrum of visitors around the globe, so it would be nice if you did business with us. Note: Manuscripts, Screenplays, editorials and articles should be submitted via email to winsalao@gmail.com OR winsalamuses@gmail.com. For advert placement contact us via email or via telephone.: +2348123778324.

“Who We Are"

" At Winsala Muses, we open every day, the glittering pages of the literary arts, read them aloud in mellifluous voices for all craving and less-conscious minds to hear, listen, enjoy and be heard. People are thinking; if life can be re-awakened to tell the tales of the past and traverse us to the future. But the literature of old is still very much alive; achievable with literature and arts well scripted. "
Winsala Oluwagbotemi
WINSALA, Gbotemi
Winsala Gbotemi is the founder & Publisher of Winsala Muses Limited. He sets the editorial and commercial direction for Winsala Muses Limited. He makes decisions about the markets Winsala Muses Limited will serve and the type of content Winsala Muses Limited will offer our audience. He also works with teams of editors, designers, writers, and freelance contributors who create the content and manage its production. He is also a Senior Staff Writer at Eagle Global Markets, a Pan-African Brokerage firm. Gbotemi loves music and he is a sound Communicator.
SALIU, Opeyemi Abdul Azeez
Commissioning Editor.
Saliu Opeyemi Abdul Azeez is a Nigerian that hails from Ijebu ode in Ogun state. Saliu Opeyemi has been a writer and has spoken in several motivational seminars across the nation. He wishes to live inspiring his community by his deeds, words, and most especially his life. He is a Commissioning Editor here at Winsala Muses.
Ismail Junaid Oluwadamilare
Ismail Junaid Oluwadamilare, also known as Paciolo Pen Saint, is a Creative Writer and Graphics Designer, he is also an accountant in the making. He writes to make an impact on the souls of his avid readers. Impacts that would outlive his existence. He also writes because he believes art owns the world. He is the Editor-In-Chief, here at Winsala Muses.
WINSALA, Tofunmi.
Commissioning Editor.
Oluwatofunmi is currently a student at Olabisi Onabanjo University. Her interests lie in drawing, writing poems, motivational speaking, and educating people about their health. She is a Commissioning Editor here at Winsala Muses Limited. She is currently looking for more opportunities to develop and grow her skills and is available to connect with other great poets to broaden her horizon.
Chioma Nkem-Eze
Technical Director.
Chioma Nkem-Eze is a dexterous Technical Director here at Winsala Muses Limited, well-versed at managing multiple applications and software development projects on time and within budget. She's a detail-oriented professional who thrives in a high volume multi-tiered environment.
Majorie Nozithelo Dube.
Commissioning Editor
Born on the 22nd of November in Bulawayo Zimbabwe, Majorie Nozithelo Dube is currently a student and debater at Africa University. She is also currently Commissioning Editor at Winsala Muses Ltd, where she advertises, discover talent, build up publishers lists, and secure profitable material. she writes poetry and short stories on love, tragedy, and other intriguing themes as well. Previously she has been featured on the 2015 Bulawayo Sunday Chronicle Paper where she wrote poetry on their Readers Page. According to her, being a part of Winsala Muses Limited has been a learning and refreshing curve which has enabled her to discover more amazing creative ideas.
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