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Welcome to Winsala Muses Ltd, an epistle of insoluble suspense, brought out of heartfelt insights which are metaphysical.

Winsala Muses Ltd is a book and movie publishing and retailing outfit, with a blog centered to showcase the awesome world of literature and print journalism electronically. Further years to come, we plan to diversify into other broad spectrum of the world of mass communication.

The following is the further break down of the brand Winsala Muses:

  1. Winsala Muses Book Publishers Limited: The company’s major goal, is to cultivate, nurture and establish young and upcoming writers by publishing their manuscripts electronically, which affords them the opportunity to reach out to the world unlimitedly. Winsala Muses Book Publishers Limited, is a professional publishing service for authors of all books and categories. Publishing is free and remunerations is received per net sales.
  2. Winsala Muses Studios: In as much as there is beauty in conceptualizing ones thoughts and putting them in writings, there’s a more holistic pulchritude in dramatizing these conceptualized thoughts. In light of this, Winsala Muses studios’ intent is to dramatize the extraordinary thought processes of script writers via motion picture/movie making. As creative writing and motion picture have a bi-causal relationship. We’re opened to working with script writers.
  3. The National Trumpet: Is an editorial which attempts to inform, explain, persuade, convince, and give insights on controversial issues and events happening across the world. With Nigeria as a major case study. The National Trumpet also seeks to bring to you on a daily basis, news making headlines across major newspapers.
  4. Winsala Muses Television: In a bid  to foster the enigma  of literature well scripted  and the world of Mass Communication, the Winsala Muses Television was born. The idea is  to integrate an internet means of transmitting transient images of fixed or moving object together with sound through YouTube and other relevant apparatus. Thereby, feeding our avid viewers with great and metaphysical contents.
  5. Winsala Muses Radio: The Winsala Muses Radio would be a generically netcast, in an episodic series of digital audio files, which web users would be able to listen to via the website.

Winsala Muses, has a wide spectrum of visitors around the globe, so it would be nice if you did business with us. Note: Manuscripts, Screenplays, editorials and articles should be submitted via email to OR

" At Winsalamuses, we open everyday, the glittering pages of books, read them aloud in mellifluous voices for all craving and less-conscious minds to hear, listen, enjoy and be heard. People are thinking; if life can be re-awakened to tell the tales of the past and traverse us to the future. But the literature of old is still very much alive; achievable with literature and arts well scripted. "
Winsala Oluwagbotemi
Winsala Gbotemi
(The Pen Franchise)
Winsala Gbotemi is the founder of Winsala Muses. He is a Creative Writer, Event Planner, Public Speaker, and Movie Director. He founded Winsala Muses with the intention to rejuvenate the enigma of the world of literature, tell metaphysical stories which the pen and paper cannot tell. And also keep readers informed about what is going on around the world via news feeds cutting across various spheres of life. He is also a humanitarian, trumpeter, OAP, human right activist and feminist.
Usman Hadizah
Usman Ahuoiza Hadizah is a best-selling poet and novelist. Hadizah started writing professionally, in the year 2017, she has a uniquely wry voice that shines through in her newest collection of essays and poems. She strongly believes that she has found her calling in writing and Hadizah's wish is for others to discover the beauty of life through reading her works. She is an editor here at Winsala Muses.
Odawn Abraham
Odawn Muazu Abraham is a Medical Radiography and Radiological Sciences student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He realizes that he is a small revelation of greater things, hence, his pen name, "Vista." He constantly seeks opportunities to pour out God's deposits in his life and the pen has provided one. He hopes to keep pouring till he becomes empty and sleep in death. Muazu hails from Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi state, Nigeria. Apart from God, his works are dedicated to his lovely mother. He is an editor here at Winsala Muses.
Bamidele Ayobami Lukman
(Talking Pen)
Bamidele Ayobami Lukman, also known as (Talking Pen), is a campus journalist, essayist, poet, novelist, & inspirational speaker. Lukman speaks without fear for the voiceless, and exposes the wrongs around in his society with his talking pen. He is an alumni of Usman Danfiodio University, Sokoto, he studied Education Economics. Lukman loves reading and writing and in the future, he wants to be an award winning poet and novelist. He is an Editor here at Winsala Muses.
Issa Yusuf Abdulquadri
Issa Yusuf Abdulquadir also known as IS SHOLA ITC, is an IT engineer. He is also a creative writer, public and motivational speaker. He has a B.ED in Primary Education from the Faculty of Education and Extension Service, Usmanu Dan Fodio University, Sokoto. Issa wishes to be a counselor and a motivator to people with vision. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Abdulrouf Wasiu
(Ibn Rouf)
Abdulrouf Wasiu also known as Ibn Rouf, is an agent of solidarity, a product of transformation and a liberator of limelight. Wasiu is a teacher by profession, creative writer by passion and an author by vision. He is an Editor here, at Winsala Muses.
Nwobodo Innocent Uchenna
Nwobodo Innocent Uchenma, also known as YOUNGBILLI is a young writer that expresses himself with his ink, via fiction poems and writes ups. He enjoys reading all the time. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
Falana Iyanuoluwa Samuel
(Patrick Hyde)
Falana Iyanuoluwa Samuel also known as Patrick Hyde, is a small town boy with colorful imaginations. His interests are basically reading, writing, fashion and watching movies once in a while. He is not overly serious, for what is life without smiles and laughter. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Islamiyyah muhammad Bello
(Mhiz Endurance Pretty)
Islamiyyah Muhammad Bello also known as Mhiz Endurance Pretty. Hails from Kaduna state. She is a book lover and a camera freak, who loves to write a lot. She can sometimes be an inspirational writer as well, not a fan of movies. She is a law student of Usmanu Danfodiyo university. She's an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Oluhayero Sola
Oluhayero Sola is a graduate of Kogi State University, Ayingba. He studied Statistics. His love for literature and the literary arts, knows no bounds, thus he intends to showcase to the world the enigma of literature well scripted. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
Babalola Ademola Stephen
(I Am Herytage)
Babalola Ademola Stephen, also known as I am Herytage is a man known by his deed and not by his name. He has sworn just to go, till his deed proclaims his name. He is a student of Osun State College of Technology studying Mechatronics Engineering. He believes he can change and touch the people's life via his pen. Thus, he has dedicated his time to writing. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
Onifade Hikmat Moninuola.
Onifade Hikmat Moninuola, also known as Hikmah, was discovered by her teacher when she was in secondary school. And ever since then her writing prowess has improved. Her first book was launched on March 16, 2019. The book is titled "The Eagle Spirit." Hikmah is fun forwarding and very ethutiastic. She is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
Majorie Nozithelo Dube.
Born 22 November 1996. Majorie Nozithelo is a short story and poetry writer. She began writing poetry a few years back. Most of her Poetry and short stories are on love and tradegy, but she do incorporate other themes as well. In 2015 some of her Poetry works were published in the Bulawayo Sunday Leisure Chronicle paper. Currently she is a student studying International Relations at Africa University Mutare Zimbabwe. Her inspiration comes from Maya Angelou and Njabulo Moyo. Her goal is to inspire and motivate both young and old people through my her words, to trigger emotions and to publish her own books as well. She's an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
Adeniyi Ajibola.
Adeniyi Ajibola, is the first child from a family of five and hails from Ile-Ife, Osun State. She is a young prolific writer, and an optimist who is sure that some day, words would eventually, heal and fix this world we live in.
OGUNKOLA, Issac Olushola
Ogunkola, Isaac Olushola also known as NEWRITES, is a student of University of Calabar studying Public Health. He is a Public health advocate, content creator, and creative writer. He's a passionate writer who has invested a lot of resources in his writing skill. He believes 'WRITING' gives him avenue to be in people's shoe, a liberty to cry people's cry which people often mistook to be his cry. His poetry piece are emotionally driven, stirring up motivations, advocating, addressing politics, health and other ills of the society. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Bello Suweibat
Bello Oziohu Suweibat is a photographer, model, poet and an entrepreneur, who goes by the pen name "Beblas." Suweibat started writing professionally in the year 2017. And ever since then, she's been able to mellifluously open the pages of the minds of so many people. She writes mostly about values, romance and love. And her desire is to continue expressing herself to the world. She's an editor here at Winsala Muses.
Ismail Junaid Oluwadamilare
(Paciolo Saint Pen)
Ismail Junaid Oluwadamilare, also known as Paciolo Pen Saint, is a graphics designer and a writer, he is also an accountant in the making. He writes to make an impact on the souls of his avid readers. Impacts that would outlive his existence. He also writes because he believes art owns the world. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Johnson Victor Oluwatobi
(Broken Glasses)
Johnson Victor Oluwatobi, also known as Broken Glasses is an alumni of the prestigious university of Ibadan. He was born in the earliest 20th century. Victor is also an ex-student of the great Olivet Baptist High School. Victor is a young poet and novelist that has featured on many anthologies and online journals. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Fagbohun Joel Ayomide
Fagbohun Joel Ayomide goes by the pen name JOE. His aim is to develop himself in the literary world and be a prominent writer and orator who clarifies human nature to his audience/readers; to make them feel and see deeply into the world that they inhabit, and help them to live a fulfilled life. Joel is currently a sophomore in Tai Solarin University of Education. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
OJELABI, Habeeb Olamilekan
Habeeb Olamilekan also known as Horlamy, is a gentle and funny fellow, who believes in the power of the pen. He believes with the pen, the thought processes of people can change from negative to being positive. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
OYESOMI, Oluwatobi Emmanuel
(DaXquizit Poetry)
Oyesomi O. Emmanuel, fondly called DaXquizit, is a product of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Studies Education, and The Polytechnic Ibadan, with a National Diploma certificate in Public Administration. Oyesomi is a writer, an editor, an autodidactic English Language teacher, and a keen lover of football and music as well as visual and creative arts generally, but with particular obsession in poetry. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
ALAO, Afeez Oluwatamilore
ALAO, Afeez Oluwatamilore is a young Nigeria writer. He is presently schooling at the University of Ilorin. He is a member of the Union of Campus Journalist, Unilorin chapter. He's an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Gerald Tipawa Moyo
Gerald Tipawa Moyo is a Poet motivated by the truth which is visible, that made his mind free to express what saves the society. Gerald is also a humanitarian meaning a deep desire to serve humanity whilst pleasuring the creator of all things. He motivates people of all ages through direct speech which is peer to peer. He is also an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Tapiwa Musiiwa
Tapiwa Musiiwa was born on the 25th of March 1999. He attended Tirizi, Vhunjere & Mukoroverwa for his primary education. And then went to Mupandawana High School. His literary works touches virtually all spheres of life. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
Davies Oluwaseun Elizabeth
(Davies Seun)
Davies Oluwaseun Elizabeth is a reserved and nice person, who finds a lot of interest in writing inspirational quotes, beautiful poems, articles, and short stories. She is passionate about music and art. She also loves creativity. Seun is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
Habibu Bawa.
Habibu Bawa is a poet, writer, farmer , activist and journalists who started his niche from Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto. He has bagged numerous awards and recognitions in campus journalism and has several byline on National and Local Dailies. He's an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
Chioma Nkem-Eze
Chioma Nkem-Eze is a dexterous technical manager here at Winsala Muses, well-versed at managing multiple applications and software development projects on time and within budget. She's a detail-oriented professional who thrives in a high volume multi-tiered environment.
SALIU, Opeyemi Abdul Azeez
Saliu opeyemi Abdul Azeez is a Nigerian that hails from ijebu ode in ogun state. In 2013, he gained admission into the federal university of agriculture abeokuta to study civil engineering. Saliu opeyemi has been a writer and has spoken in several motivational seminars across the nation. He wishes to live inspiring his community by virtue of his deeds, words and most especially his life. He is an editor here at Winsala Muses.
Okechukwu Princess Ogechidinma
(Black Heart Bleeds)
Okechukwu Princess Ogechidinma also known as Black Heart Bleeds, is a music lover, creative writer, and good a hearted fellow. She's a history and international relations student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Princess loves to express herself. She is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Okunsanya, Abiola
Abiola Okunsanya (Handzinspired), is the author of popular book, "Dare to dream." He is in the business of making his readers feel beautiful, through the words he writes. He also writes books of fiction, poems, creating characters and plots that may be imaginary or based on real events. He is an editor here at Winsala Muses.
Falope, Ayodoyinsola Ale
Falope Ayodoyinsola Alex, goes by the pen name, 'Alex.' He constantly strives to access his potentials in writing. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
AJAKAYE, Rashidat Olamidayo
Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo is a golden, prolific and unapologetic writer of all genres, embedded in all the spices of life. Rashidat is fond of political poems, and die hard friend of history. She's an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
BENEFO, Nana Kwame Cyrus
BENEFO, Nana Kwame Cyrus is a dexterous creative writer who hails from Koforidua, Eastern Regional Capital in Ghana. He started writing at the tender age of 14, and since then, he hasn't had a reason to look back or stop. Apart from writing Nana loves to listen to music, read, counsel and help others. He goes by the pen name el-Nana. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
ADAGHE, Deborah
Adaghe Deborah also known as Claire is a student of the University of Benin. She is a young creative writer, who specialises in poetry, articles, and short stories. She writes mainly for the society. Claire is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
OBALEYE, Deborah Olaitan
Obaleye Deborah Olaitan, also known as Debbie-Koikoi is a graduate of English at the University of Ilorin. She is the last born of seven children. She is also an eloquent orator. Deborah is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Joshua Wealth Pampam.
Josh Pampam, born January 21, 1998 is a dexterous writer whose works centred mainly on gospel as changed and affected many people's life positively. He is currently a student and an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
Marsh Odhiambo
Marsh Odhiambo is a Kenyan by nationality. He was born in a town called Eldoret. Marsh is an artist, and a student of Electrical Engineering at Ziwa Technical Institute. He is also an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
Kehinde Oluwadamilola Hannah.
Kehinde Oluwadamilola Hannah is a social worker practitioner, a poet and change agent. She is a student, and has a great deal of interest in singing, cooking and wig making. Her believe is that, via writing, she can be an agent of change. Kehinde is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
Wireko Marie Christabel
(Winsala Muse's First Lady).
Wireko Marie Christabel is a translator and a product of Ghana Institute of Languages. She is a dexterous novelist and entrepreneur. She is an editor here. Apart from blogging and writing, she loves reading and playing tennis. She is calm but quite hyper when with friends.
Lawal Tamilore
Lawal Tamilore is a law student and a product of the University of Lagos. She is a seasoned writer, whose major strength is crafting compelling storylines that captivates readers. Apart from blogging and writing she loves, talking, researching and doodling. Tamilore is an editor here at Winsala Muses.
Ezechimudindu Napoleon
(The Conscience Speaker)
Ezechimudindu Onyekachi Napoleon is a person who believes, many people are silent whilst their conscience bleeds, & so with his pen he hopes to voice out LITERATURE which he calls "The Language of the Conscience". His works are dedicated to God, & writers around the globe, reviving "The Language of the Conscience." He is an editor here at Winsala Muses.
HUSSEIN, Abdulbasit
HUSSEIN, Abdulbasit, also known as Penguinmindwrite is a motivational speaker, creative writer, and political analyst. He is a political science student of Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto. His dream is to become a renowned political analyst and advocate of history. He is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Ayodele, Omodolapo Elizabeth
Ayodele Omodolapo Elizabeth also known as Sakura is just an average lady with wild imaginations, so she tries to tame them by putting them into written words. She's an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Hammed J. Sulaiman
Hammed J. Sulaiman, goes by the pen name Sulexmighty. He is a Poetic Soul, Conditional Writer, an associate of M.A.D Writers, and Legal Minded Being. Hammed hails from Kwara State, Nigeria. He is student of law at Usmanu Dan Fodio University Sokoto. He's an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
AZUBUIKE, Oluebube Chukeuwekene
AZUBUIKE, Oluebube Chukeuwekene, is a very articulate creative writer. She is a psychology student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Her area of speciality is in poetry and write ups. She's an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
AJAYI, Osegborega Anita Esther
AJAYI, Osegborega Anita Esther, often referred to as Osebi, was born on the 18th of April 2000 in Okene local government, Okene, Kogi state. She's currently studying microbiology at the University of Ilorin, Kwara state. Her literary works are dedicated to God, mother nature, to those who enjoy reading and lastly to every young individual especially black girls and all who have lost their identity via seeking all that will be forgotten someday. She's an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Junaidu Abdulkadir
Junaidu Abdulkadir, also known as Haifanklg, refers to himself as the creator of possibility. He is a person who makes difference, a force for good, a lover and a friend of people, a freelance writer, and a superhero. Who could save the world one day. Junaidu is an Editor, here at Winsala Muses.
Abdulwasiu Mujeeb.
Abdulwasiu Mujeeb is a campus reporter, essayist, and a poet. He is a student of law at Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. And a former deputy Editor in Chief of the News Digest press board. He currently chairs the editorial board of the same press outfit. And an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
EJIDE, David Samuel Godsgrace.
(His-Grace Ventures)
"Disgrace yourself and get what you want, or respect yourself and remain where you are; remember, private preparation leads to public manifestation." These are EJIDE, David Samuel Godsgrace's, watchwords, which has always worked for him in the business world. As a successful entrepreneur, David has always derived joy in seeing young business owners, whom he mentored, being able to put food on their tables. And also do well in their respective fields. He seeks to further nurture and mentor young business minded fellows, in other for them to be able to soar in the world of business. David is the CEO of His-Grace Ventures. He is also an author here at Winsala Muses Ltd.
OYELAYO, Mukhtar Kayode.
Oyelayo, Mukhtar Kayode, a.k.a Mkay4real is the founder of Reallyloaded Technologies and Enterprises. He is an economist, entrepreneur, programmer, Senior web, mobile and desktop application developer, He started RTECHS with the intention to actualize people's dream through Information Technology, transforming their business ideas or dreams to reality and making them global. He is also a lover of arts, culture and tradition, making him to start up REALWEARS, where people can get exquisite designs and patterns of various ADIRE Kampala wears. He is Winsala Muses Technical Director.
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