Dddanggg… Dddanggg.


The Godforsaken alarm rings. Why now… I was receiving instructions from the air hostess on how to use the rescue vests And then the stupid alarm and am crashing my way back to my bedroom. I opened my eyes slowly and the vision so blurred… Why is the room upside down,  Damn… This mad headache.


My eyes are fighting to stay open. Am in between continuing my sweet dream and putting off the damn alarm I kicked and throw my legs and hands around until I heard a banging sound that might have ended the ringing but it woke me up that instant. I opened my eyes and realize that am sleeping upside down on the bed. No wonder I couldn’t reach the nightstand.


I sat up slowly and watched my roomie giggle at my predicament.


“Heh heh… Do you find this funny.”


“Not at all… Good morning sunshine, did you get to your destination. Already?”


“Bitch……. ” I muttered under my breath.


“How was Paris?” she winked trying to suppress her laughter.


“Do you know it is a total bitchy attitude to see someone in distress and just watch them tangle up… I was trying to stop the alarm but you just stood there and watch me the whole time.”


“Help You… I didn’t turn you upside down on your bed… And helping you would have been shitty to do… If I stop the alarm… You would be much late than you already are and if I woke you from your dream… You would have yelled at me… So, I didn’t want any issues so I let you do your thing.”


I threw her a pillow and she dodged.


“Okay, sleepyhead… You need to get up. You are like really late and you are completely hilarious in your sleep… I should make a video next time… I can never get tired of seeing you like that… You are so cute.”


“Aren’t You running late, don’t you think you are wasting time making fond of me.”


“Ohh me… I am running a noon shift and its almost noon so I should get going.”


“Wait!….. Its noon already.”


“Almost noon”

I jumped off the bed.


“Ohh my goodness….. Why didn’t you wake me, Becca… Shoot!… Eleanor is going to have my head and this is totally on you Becca.”


“What… What did I do.”


I rolled my eyes at her, I don’t think I have the time to argue with her so I just hurried to the bathroom and shower quickly. Am super late. Damn, today’s going to be one hell of a day. I shouldn’t have drunk so much last night knowing today’s Monday. That’s why I hate Mondays. It just sucks out the little energy from the weekend.


Eleanor is going to skin me alive. My late rate have increased drastically and it is not exactly intentional but I can’t help it. It takes forever to wake up every morning. By the time I got out of the bathroom….. Becca had gone to work
I pulled on my baggy jeans and white tank top thankfully clean with my oldest pair of sneakers. I wonder why Becca hasn’t done the laundry yet.


I Throw on my tiny bag and ran out of the apartment. I took the bus and arrived at work fifteen minutes later. But before heading to the building, I hurried into the coffee shop right opposite Eleanor’s store. I ordered four cups of coffee. They already know my order since I come here every other day.


I spare a few minutes to flirt with the sexy barista Jack….. He just dumped his girlfriend last week. So I keep trying my luck. You can never be too sure. I might just hit his fancy one day. So even though am pretty late. I can’t miss this opportunity to have a cool good looking hit on me.


So after practically embarrassing myself… I walk out of the cafe and when I crossed to the other side of the road with my eyes fixed on the boldly written signage…. ‘ELEANOR.’


It, not the name that is worried about. It the person that bears the name. ELEANOR’s fashion house is a story-building. The display area and showcase are the front areas of the down floor. While the work area is the other half of the down floor and the whole of upstairs.


I strolled into the building. My usual cheerful self saying ‘hello ‘ to anybody and everybody. I moved to Joey’s table and drop a cup of coffee for him placing a kiss on his chubby cheeks. And he smiled back at me and focus back on the computer.


Joey is a young genius… He puts our artwork into visual arts,  Joey needs to be reminded that he is a part of something big and without him, Eleanor wouldn’t have any of this. I dropped another cup for Vince, the janitor another hard worker.


And then the other one for Stacy… ELEANOR’s assistant. You can imagine what Stacy has to put up with every day dealing with that woman. Stacy gave me… The ‘You are late again look and I looked away taking the last cup of coffee for myself. Before I could even take a sip. I heard my name and froze on the spot.


“Ms. Suarez…” Ohh oh.


“Can I see you in my office now.”


There we go. I am so screwed.

Written by: Bright.


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May 11, 2020


May 11, 2020

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