Dear Love, I knocked at your door but all I felt was your silence. So I knocked once more, then again, then several times yet still I received nothing except your dead silence. That silence bruised my soul. I waited long enough, oh yes it felt like a lifetime to me. Impatience kicked in so I took two steps back because time was not on my side. I looked all-around your house, no sign of you or even a slight sound to give me hope.


I knocked one last time much louder for assurance sake and you still shut me out. “I am sure I can find something beautiful like this along the way or at least almost like this.” I thought to myself. Betrayed, disappointed, feeling rejected and a little hate I walked right towards your exit gate. There I met Lust, sneering, and smiling at me. With his eyes drooping and his arms wide open, he called unto me so convincingly and his words sounded so sweet, so captivating.


However, reality snapped me back. “ Nah he cannot be my type,” I thought to myself.“ He is too rugged, tattered, dirty, and lives in a shack. My heart will not survive in there, no! Besides, why would he be drooling at me like that at first glance, he sure must have ravaged his share of plenty. ”  So I walked past him and deafened my ears. This walk was seemingly endlessly and my feet got so tired yet still I had not found a better house than Love or at least something similar to it.


Still, I couldn’t go back, it was too far to turn back and time was not on my side. I was not even ready for another rejection from Love. However thoughts of going back kept wrestling in my mind, the kind of Mike Tyson punches to be more precise. Before I could make up my mind, I looked at a distance and to my NorthEast my eyes caught a glimpse of a beautiful house, something more like Love if I were to describe. A smile lit up my face, my eyes sparkled and I suddenly felt strength like Samson pushing me towards this Delilah.


At a closer view oh my the house looked so much more than beautiful, ‘gorgeous’ was an understatement. It was everything that my eyes would have desired to see every day. The structure, height, and length were all perfect. The windows were made of fancy modern glass, the walls were all a product of creative diamond stone, the structure was perfect and so my eyes could not stop drooling. It was getting dark indeed but I sure do know what I saw that night.


As I drew much closer I smelt a fresh welcoming scent. “ Haaah Haaah, this is Majestic!” I thought out loud to myself with a huge grin lit on my face.“ Even better the door is wide open so I do not need to knock and wait. This is absolute destiny, maybe that is why Love did not open his door! Huh, gorgeous where have you been all my life?” I did not even think twice about entering that door.


What no way, I could not afford to miss such a marvel, such a goddess! Argh man, I was impatient and tired of looking for a house to rest my beautiful heart, and right in front of me lay a house looking a little fancier than love. I did not want to wait for any more lest the door to that house closed and left me in the dark. Yes, I was afraid of the dark plus I could not walk any further than this.


I was tired, I was drained and the rejection I experienced earlier had triggered my careless emotions. I cared less of anything really throughout my journey, all I needed now was comfort. I felt this house would finally soothe me not only for that night but for so many more and days to be. My oh my, these eyes were so glued to the eighth wonder right before me. I had to affirm if it was no daydream, so one, two, three I stepped into that house, the house called Desperation.

Written by: Majorie Nozithelo Dube.


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May 8, 2020


May 8, 2020

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