Episode 25

I laid in the room in tears, waiting for DQ to return from work, so that, I can plead with her to go and talk to the guy.

As early as 4am, she returned from work.
Meshac, why are you weeping like this? Don’t tell me they’ve come for the money. She exclaimed immediately she entered the room.

How did you know someone has come for the money? DQ, talk to me, how did you know? I screamed in tears.

Answer my question Meshac, have they come for the money? In fact, did you sleep with any of the ladies in this house? She yelled angrily.

You are confusing me DQ. You were not here, but predicting what happened.
Yes I slept with two of them. They seduced me. Yes they did. I responded in tears and remorse.

D–n Meshac! You have killed me. After feeding and accommodating you, you allowed someone else to take away the money I have targeted. How dare you Meshac? How beautiful were they than me? DQ screamed in anger.

What are you saying? So you accommodated me because of the money?
DQ, how wicked could you be? I yelled in pain.

Yes I am wicked! What were you thinking? That, I am a philanthropist or something? That my room is a refugees camp?

I only brought you here to do to you what they have done to you.
Unfortunately, you didn’t fall to sleep with me.

I gave you p–n to watch to win you at all cost this morning, only to meet you broke and dry. She confessed.
By the count of three, I don’t want to see your miserable face in this room.
Leave before I deal with you! She threatened.

DQ, I am not leaving here today nor tomorrow. After making me vulnerable, you dare threaten to throw me out?
Whoever those ladies and guy are, I want you to go after them and get me my money. I responded angrily.

Come oooooooooooo my house mates! Someone has taken my p—y on credit and refusing to pay. She began to scream.
In seconds, almost all the ladies in the house rushed into her room.
D–k Queen, what is happening here? One of the ladies asked.

D–k Queen? Is that the meaning of your name? I asked in shock.
Shut your stinking mouth up! Does it change the fact that you are owing me? DQ yelled at me.

Ladies, please, help me deal with this rascal. He is owing me. She told the ladies.

Before I could open my miserable mouth to defend myself, they pounced on me and began beating the hell out of me.
I screamed all I can, but there was no help from anywhere.

They dragged me out of the house and threw me at the gate.
People rushed towards me to give me a helping hand onto my feet.

Why do young guys like you keep falling prey to these prostitutes? What at all is wrong with you? A pastor preaching nearby asked in worry.

Daddy, I didn’t know they are prostitutes. She only offered to give me a place to sleep when I got into the city yesterday, only to be duped and beaten by them. I narrated in tears and bodily pains.
Well, sorry. Just get up and let me take you to my house.

I am a pastor, and I come to this vicinity to preach the word of God every dawn. The pastor said.
I carried my bag and followed him to his house.

It was a lonely three bedroom apartment.
Young man, my name is Evangelist Bernard Otu. People call me Pastor Otu. May I know your name and mission in this city? He inquired.
Pastor, my name is Meshac Opoku Agyeman.

I came into this city to get a job to cater for myself through the University. I responded.

Do you in anyway wish to do the work of God? Pastor Otu asked.
Yes daddy. For now, there is no job, so I am willing to do it. I responded.

Meshac, the work of God is a will and a call. If you are willing to do it, our God almighty will call you for it.

You don’t go to the house of God because you lack a place to go to. He responded
Think through this, and give me a feedback tomorrow.

Less I forget, I am not yet married. No wife, no children. I stay in this house alone with my security guard.

You can go into the kitchen and prepare anything you fancy, whiles I take a little rest in my bedroom. He added and oriented me into the house.

Written by Chinoso Charles

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited

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May 6, 2020


May 6, 2020

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