Episode 21-24

Esi finally gathered courage and walked out of the room to talk to me.
Meshac, please let’s go inside. She pleaded miserably.

I stared at her from head to toe without knowing what to say.

Meshac please I’m talking to you. She stated again.

Esi, so you still have the guts to talk to me after the pains you’ve just caused me right?

I thought you are a strong woman, not knowing you are a cheap h—y b—h! I insulted angrily.

What! Meshac! Instead of apologising to me, you are rather insulting me. She surprisingly screamed.

What did you just say? Apologize to you? For what?
Was I the one who asked you to sleep with Mr Asum? Was I? I angrily responded.

Meshac, had it not been you, mr Asum wouldn’t have had the guts to make that stupid request from me!

If you truly were not happy about it, why didn’t you stop me? You kept mute all these while, and you are insulting me afterwards, instead of being grateful to me for not allowing you to go to jail. Esi yelled on top of her voice.

Just then, her siblings returned from the farm.
What is happening here Esi? Why are you fuming in anger? Aba inquired unhappily.

Aba, your sister has done the abominable. Can you imagine she just slept with Mr Asum right under my nose? I rhetorically asked.

Esi slept with Mr Asum? That is unusual of my sister.
What exactly triggered that? Aba asked almost in anger whiles Esi broke down in tears.

Mr Asum came here with a police man to arrest me. Esi pleaded all she can, but Mr Asum agreed to forgive me under one condition. And that is, to sleep with her, which, she did without considering my feelings. I narrated.

Meshac, you are such an ungrateful human being. So, because of a stupid person like you, my sister sold her dignity. And instead of showing more appreciation, you are here humiliating her before us.

Do you know pain? If you knew what pain is about, you wouldn’t have slept with somebody’s wife and daughter.

After breaking their beautiful home, you have just used my sister to save your wicked self from going to prison.

My sister is too good! If it were me Aba, I would have asked him to penetrate your anus before sending you to jail. Useless man!
If you know what is good for you, apologize to her before I throw you out of this house! Aba angrily insulted and threatened.

Esi walked back into the room in tears and agony.
I bowed down my head in pain and shame.

Even if I offended Mr Asum, Esi shouldn’t have slept with him. She should have found a way of deceiving him instead.

Anyway, I have no option than to apologise. Currently, I am homeless, sick, and jobless. I still need Esi to support me. I thought sadly and followed her into the room.

Esi, please I’m sorry, find it in your heart to forgive me. I pleaded.
Meshac, anything I do, I do it for you. You and I know I am too descent to cheat on you, I only did this to save your life.

You shouldn’t have told my siblings about it. They will be mad at me forever. Esi responded sadly.

I am so sorry Esi, I didn’t know the implications of telling them. I only told them out of pain. I pleaded.

Esi forgave me and still cared for me as she used to.
I still held the pain of she sleeping with Mr Asum in my heart. I just couldn’t let it go.

Anytime I closed my eyes, I pictured the scene. Yet, I had to try as much as possible to forge ahead in life.
Days passed, and Esi sold part of the land.

Meshac, this is an amount of 15000 cedis. Take it, and go to the city to rent the room as we planned.

I will send you more, when you gain admission into the university. She stated and handed me the money.
Thanks so much for your support and kindness. You are indeed, a woman like no other. I stated in a mixed feeling.
I took the money and waited till the next morning to embark on a journey to the city.

Meshac, my sister has told me all the plans she has for you.

She has sold part of our family land, and is willing to sell more just to support you. Even though I am not happy about it, she is the eldest, and there is little I can do to stop her.

I learnt the city is full of girls who have painted their faces with crayons. As you are going, be careful of them, and don’t ever try to outsmart my sister with any of them, because if you do, I will put God aside, and deal with you through the gods of our land. Aba threatened.

My heart quickly skipped a beat! This Aba girl is something else. I thought.
Aba, thanks a lot for the advice. I also know how it feels like to feel what you are feeling. I promise never to turn my back on your sister. I responded.

Early the next morning, I bathed, dressed up, sneaked into a van with the escort of Esi and her siblings. off, the van took off to the city.

Early the next morning, I bathed, dressed up, sneaked into a van with the escort of Esi and her siblings, the van took off to the city.

I got to the city in four hours time. It was such a stressful long journey.
God, where do I begin from? How do I get an accommodation to rent? I thought as I walked through the streets.
Suddenly, I bumped heavily unto someone.

Hey, are you blind? What are you thinking? The lady asked.

I got confused looking at her beauty.
What are you staring at? Instead of apologizing, look at how foolishly you are staring at me. She yelled angrily.

I’m sorry madam. I didn’t mean to offend you. The fact is, I am new in this city, and I am looking for an accommodation to rent. I stated.

Really? Anyway, I understand your plight. We’ve all been new in this city before. She calmly responded.

I think I can help you. I know of few friends who own houses. I will talk to them to help you. Follow me and let’s go to my house. She added.

I hastily followed her. Minutes later, we arrived in her home.

It was a wooden structure with lots of girls occupying various rooms.
I got a bit scared when I saw them.

My friend, don’t be afraid, they are my siblings. None of them will harm you. She assured.

We entered her room and she offered me seat.
The room was decorated with make ups kits and cosmetics. I sat down uncomfortably with lots of thoughts running through my mind.

Minutes later, she served me rice with stew. I enjoyed it happily and began introductions afterwards.

May I please know your name and your mission into this city? She asked.

My name is Meshac Obeng Agyeman. I came into this city to continue with my education. I introduced.

That sounds great. Anyway, my name is Aferiwa. My siblings and friends call me DQ. I am a school drop out, but currently working as a security guard at gas station. She introduced back.

A security guard? I thought that work is for men. I asked in shock.
Not at all. This is the city, and anybody can do anything. She responded in smiles.

Anyways, are you married? Or have a fiancee? She asked.
I instantly got confused. What if I tell her the truth? She might just throw me out of her house. I thought.

Are you with me Mesh? I asked a question. She asked again.
No DQ. I used to have a fiancee but I broke up with her after I caught her with another man. I lied.

That’s alright. I need a single guy to occupy my double corners. She responded sarcastically.

What is that supposed to mean? I asked.
Come on Meshac, you should understand what I mean. You are handsome, and every woman will wish to have you.
I need you to be my partner. F–k me, feed me, and spoil me. She responded bluntly.

DQ, you hardly know me. Why this sudden proposal? I asked in fear.
Mesh, there is nothing like a familiar d–k. Every d–k is new until you f–k it.
A d–k cannot be introduced by anyone except the owner.

A d–k cannot be studied whiles in trousers, unless exposed.

Come on Meshac, let me know your d–k by f—–g me. Make your d–k familiar by entering my two holes.

F–k my p—y baby, f–k my ass. She responded seductively and began touching me.

I became so weak and hard.
The only time a man can be weak and strong at the same time is when he is touched by a beautiful woman.
Whiles your body becomes weak, your d–k becomes stronger.

Reason up Meshac, you are here for a purpose. I quickly thought and began pushing her off.

Come on Mesh, this is no big deal. It is a mere introduction segment, just pull yourself together and let’s have fun.
I can’t do this DQ, I am scared. I resisted in fear.

Seconds through our deliberation, we heard a knock on the door.
Quickly, DQ stripped down naked and walked towards the door.

What are you doing? How can you attend to the door in your nakedness? I whispered worriedly.

She ignored my question and went ahead to open the door.
Just then, another tall fair slim lady walked in.

D–n! Suzzy, I didn’t know it was you. DQ exclaimed in disappointment.
Wow! I can see you have a visitor. In fact, a big appetizing fish in the trouble net.

Anyway, sorry for coming here unannounced. Go ahead and have fun. Suzzy stated happily and walked away.

A big fish in a trouble net? What is that statement supposed to mean? I thought confusedly.

Meshac, are you OK? You look too scared. DQ interrupted my thoughts.
DQ, I hardly know you, but I trusted you enough to follow you here.

I am so confused about everything. Whom did you think was knocking at the door?

And why on earth would you attend to the door naked?

What trouble net is your friend talking about? Please answer my question, or else, I won’t make love to you. I threatened in fear.

Hahahahahhahaha! Look at who is threatening me.
Meshac, I don’t need your d–k to travel oversees, I only wanted to know what a cute guy like you has in between his thighs. If you won’t allow me to see it, fine!

I have been human enough to accommodate a wondering villager like you. I will just talk to my friends tomorrow to give you a place to rent so that, you leave me in peace. Meanwhile, it is almost time for me to go to work. Let me bath and leave, whiles you wallow in your foolish wild thoughts. She insulted harshly and walked out on me.

I felt really bad, but I caused it.
I will wait patiently for her to return from work tomorrow and apologize to her with the love making she requested for. That is the best way I can thank her for accommodating me. I thought.

Minutes after, she finished bathing, dressed up and switched on the television for me to entertain myself.
Meshac, the only movies I watch in this room are p–n. Enjoy yourself whilst I go to work. She stated and walked out of the room in haste.

I laid down quietly watching the p–n for several minutes.

I got so hard and felt like making love, but, DQ was nowhere to be found.
I then decided to walk out to release tension.

Immediately I stepped out, two beautiful ladies who were introduced to me as DQ’s siblings approached me.

Hello our sister’s big fish, where are you off to? Is there something we can do to make you feel at home as our sister is away to work her waist off. One of them asked seductively whiles the other kept rubbing her hands on my chest.

I could neither talk nor cough.
Before I knew it, we were in DQ’s room making love. It was a threesome distin (this thing).

Just when I was groaning and moaning in pleasure, someone forced the door opened and entered the room.
I hurriedly stood up.

Who the hell are you? How dare you f–k my pussies. A giant guy asked in an angry voice.

I began to panic.
Sir I’m sorry, they both seduced me. I responded almost in tears.

How dare you spew this nonsense to my face!

How many rounds have you gone so far? He asked angrily.
Half sir! Just half!

In fact quarter! I mean, we just started. I haven’t even ejaculated yet I responded confusedly.

Well, every round of sex with any of my girls cost 1000cedis. Pay now, or I beat you to death. He threatened.

Quickly, I remembered how Mr Asum manhandled me few days back.
Sir please, don’t beat me.

The money I have on me is meant for accommodation. I don’t have anything else on me to pay for sex. I pleaded in tears.

Instantly, he gave me two hot slaps which landed me on the floor.
Where is the money? Give it to me now! He roared in anger.

I hurriedly stood up and handed my bag of money to him.

He then walked out on me with the ladies.

I laid in the room in tears, waiting for DQ to return from work, so that, I can plead with her to go and talk to the guy.

Written by Chinoso Charles

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.

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May 5, 2020


May 5, 2020

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