Episode 20

Seconds later, we saw someone forcing the door open.

Esi who is that? I whispered in fear.
I don’t know Mesh. My two sisters have both gone to church not long ago, and I don’t know who could come here at this hour. Esi whispered.

The person began banging the door. Open the door! She shouted.

Quickly, Esi hid me in an empty barrel in the room and covered me.
She then attended to the door.
Aba, is that you? You scared me. Esi stated.

It was Esi’s immediate younger sister.
Why should you be scared in your own room? What is hunting you? Aba asked suspiciously.

We will talk more about that later, but tell me, why are you here? I mean, why are you back this early? Esi asked.

Nothing Esi. Just that, the church premises is boring, and I decided to come home to sleep.

Aba! Church premises is boring? What at all is wrong with you? Why do you hate worshipping God so much? Why? Esi asked unhappily.

Esi not again, please spare me the sermon and allow me sleep. Aba responded dismissively.
So where is our kid sister Kukua? Esi asked.

She is still at the church premises. She will come after they’ve closed. Aba responded.

Well, we have a visitor in this room, and I want all of us to join hands and help him. Esi narrated.

A visitor? In this room? I hope he isn’t a spirit. Aba responded confusedly.
Esi then walked to me and brought me from my hideout.

Blood of Jesus! Is that not Meshac? What is he doing here? Is he not supposed to be dead? Aba screamed.

Tone down Aba, Meshac almost died but didn’t. Currently, he is sick, and needs all of us to help him recover.

Secondly, those who are after his life are natives of this village, and we must do everything possible to keep his presence a secret. Esi explained.

God forbid! We can not entertain him in this house!
Where was he when our parents died? Did he bother to attend the funeral?
He was busily sleeping with Mrs Asum and her daughter.

Esi, when at all will you learn sense? This guy here dumped you for another woman because you are poor! He broke your heart and caused you pain. Now, he runs to you for help and you are putting your life at risk to save him as if you are under a spell. This is pure foolishness! Aba lamented angrily.

Calm down Aba. Meshac’s life is threatened, and that is what we should worry about. As for the atrocious acts he engaged in, we will talk about that later. Esi responded calmly.

Esi and Aba, whatever rumour you heard are false.
Mrs Asum and Abena tried to gang rape me, and when I refused, they both reported me to Mr Asum to torment my life.

I am a Christian, and I can never sleep with a married woman.
Secondly, I have never cheated on Esi. I only backed away from the relationship because of your parents. Please trust me. I explained in lies.

Aba, I hope you heard him? I always knew that rumour was false. Meshac is in love with me, and he can do no such thing.

Papa and Mama were the stumbling block in our relationship, and now, they are no more. Esi explained.

Aba please, let’s accept Meshac into our family as the head of our home. We don’t have any man to support us. Esi pleaded.
Esi, Meshac is your business and not mine. On humanitarian grounds, I will only keep my mouth shut to avoid him from being killed, but I can never accept him as the head of this family. Aba responded and went to bed.

Esi dressed my wound, cleaned me, and fed me. I became a bit revived.
Days passed, and I continuously stayed with the Daniels. I got well with time, but I refused to go out.

Esi and her siblings kept farming to feed me.
I prayed day and night to God for forgiveness.
One early morning, Aba confronted me in anger.

Written by Chinoso Charles

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.

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May 5, 2020


May 5, 2020

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