Poetry Corner: On Edge.

Poetry Corner:

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Poetry Corner.

On Edge.

Some nerves were on edge, OVER.

Some nerves were on edge, OVER!

Did you ever feel what he felt?

“Isolated, lonely, neglected, and dejected.”


He held the crowns and championships,

But still felt in each award a sense of defeat,

Day after day his peace of mind deteriorated,

So I asked what really sank these strong ships.


With averted eyes and head bowed down,

He dragged his words, “You do not understand,

I would love to be loved but I dare not love,

I crave empathy but sadly I do not care.”


“I desire truth but lies choke me all day,

I want good but bad wrecked my entire closet,

I smile yet deep down rage fills all of me!

With each day I live I question my sanity.”


“So I stay away as far as possible in this hell,

For once I explode I become wild and engaged,

You all see a facade yet I am my own stranger,

And when you mirror me I wish could tell,

But I will speak no more for I’m on edge, OVER.”


So he hid in a little corner that nobody knew,

Nobody saw the skeletons in his closet,

Nobody faced the demons he battled,

Nobody knows what defeated such a star.


Empty, bottled up, lonely and dejected,

With ALL in his hands, he died an empty man,

They gathered in black from crown to sole,

To mourn for a man they considered whole.


Sadly till date, nobody knows,

That the powerful man who owned the stage,

Was the powerful man that departed on edge.

His nerves were on edge, On Edge Over!

Poem by Majorie Nozithelo Dube.


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