Poetry Corner: From the Great Walls.

Poetry Corner:

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Poetry Corner.

From the Great Walls.

I came from the great walls,

I crawled into their homes,

I was a nobody in my little corner,

So I survived on bread crumbs.


I grew tired of being trampled on,

So I began to step on their toes,

I grew thicker and taller than my foes,

And in between those walls, I called.


I mounted my gait on their heights,

I leveled their homes without a fight,

As they wallowed in melancholy at my sight,

I forever stood taller and oh it was a fright.


There is only One who could call me to order,

Only One who could cross this border,

So when progress came by I caused disorder,

And in their confusion, I grew much stronger.

A poem by Majorie Nozithelo Dube.


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May 4, 2020


May 4, 2020

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