Episode 19.

Not again God! These people must not kill me. I must get up and do something. I thought in fear as I struggled to get up. I forcefully opened the window and jumped out of it. Whiles jumping, Lydia entered the room and began shouting. Afia, catch him! He is running away! Please catch him! She shouted.


I jumped out and began running on top speed. I didn’t know where I was heading towards, but I run faster in pain. They gave me a hot chase until I disappeared into the bush. Minutes later, I met the good Samaritan and his daughter returning from the bush with herbs. I run to them in tears. Papa, please save me! Save me! They are after my life. I screamed. Calm down! Who are those? He curiously asked.


The two women who stabbed me. They are here to stab me again. I responded in a panicking voice. The man and his daughter helped me back into the house. When we got there, Mrs. Asum and Lydia were nowhere to be found. My son, where are you from? And why are people after your life? The man worriedly inquired. Papa, I mistakenly slept with them, and one of them has lost her marriage due to that. I confessed to attract sympathy.


What! A small boy like you slept with married women? That means my daughter is like a groundnut to you. You will chew her before I know it. The man exclaimed. No Papa, I have repented, and I am not ready to do any such thing. I responded in tears. Exactly what I expected you to say. Every h—y man, is in love. Same way, every person in trouble is born again. I don’t trust you, and I can’t trust you. It is a taboo in this village to lose virginity before marriage, and anyone who does that will be beheaded. I can’t risk my daughter’s life for a total stranger like you. He stated candidly.


Papa, please have mercy on him. At least, let him get well before you throw him out of here. The girl pleaded on my behalf. No, I won’t allow that! Young man, leave my compound before I order the youth of this town to beat you up. Just leave! The man yelled angrily. At this point, I couldn’t hold myself together. I broke down in tears. Papa, I am so sorry for my past, I know I have sinned against God, and I ask him for forgiveness. I am ready to leave here, but in the first place, allow me to thank you for saving my life.


You are human, and I don’t expect you to smile at my sins and forgive me. There is one thing I have learned from coming into contact with you, and that is, never tell your sins and weakness to man. They will use it against you. Always tell it to God, and he will forgive you. I lamented. Thanks a million, I will forever be indebted to you. I stated and walked away.


God, I am a sinner. I have sinned against you and humanity, but please, forgive me and save my life. Please God, don’t watch me die in my sin. I prayed in tears as I headed back to my village since that was the only route to any other town. I spent two days in the bush to weakness and pain On my third day when I gathered the courage to continue the journey, I heard footsteps approaching where I was laying.


I quickly pulled some leaves to cover myself. Afia, if Meshac doesn’t die, our lives will be at stake. He will bounce back at us when he recovers. It was Lydia and Mrs. Asum, walking back to the hunter’s village. Yes, I know. That is why I have hired this macho man to assist us. Meshac must die, or the hunter and his family will be wiped out. Mrs. Asum threatened as they walked past me.


I heaved a sigh of relief as they walked away. I got up and hurried back to my village. Finally, I arrived and sneaked into Esi’s house. Meshac! Are you a ghost or what? News circulating in this village says you are dead and eaten by an animal in the bush. Esi screamed. Bring your voice down Esi. No one must hear that I am alive. Some people planned to kill me, but I’ve been able to escape. I explained.


God! Meshac, I am so sorry. You are indeed smelling like a rotten corpse. Come into the room and let me change your clothes for you. Esi stated and hurried me into the room. We picked the door behind us, and I sat on the mat. Seconds later, we saw someone forcing the door open.

To be continued…


Written by Chinoso Charles.

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.

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