God, if you don’t give me wings to fly from this pending embarrassment, I swear never to worship you in the future as I planned. I threatened in prayers. I’m all ears, my sister. We’ve been friends since infancy, and we are both lucky to have married rich men. We do almost everything together, and we can as well share everything. Just feel free and talk to me. Lydia persuaded.


Lydia, do you remember that kayayo boy who once picked our items from the market to our various homes? Mrs. Asum asked. Oh yes, I do. Is that not Meshac? Lydia responded quickly. Yes, that’s him. I employed him as my sales boy in the house, and my husband’s errands boy. One thing led to the other and I began crushing so hard on him.
Lydia, I proposed to the boy, and he agreed to sleep with me on a payment basis.


All that while, he was as well sleeping with my daughter in the house. Due to that, my daughter and I grew enemies when we both found out how the boy was double playing us. Out of pain and embarrassment from my daughter’s betrothed chief of a husband, my daughter confessed to my husband, how we both shared the same bed with Meshac. Lydia, you should have seen how my husband chased my daughter and me with a pistol that day.


Since then, I have never set eyes on that stupid boy who broke my home. I am patiently waiting for that day when I will lay hands on him. Mrs. Asum narrated with pain. Indeed, this is a crush to crash! What! Afia Asum, tell me everything you’ve just told me is a lie. Lydia exclaimed in shock. I wish it is Lydia, but unfortunately, that is the godly truth, and I can swear on it. Mrs. Asum responded.


God, I’m doomed! What at all have I done? How could I have stooped so low for that cheap boy? Lydia stated almost in tears. Lydia, what are you saying? Don’t tell me you’ve slept with that boy too. Mrs. Asum cut in. Exactly Afia, I’ve slept with him over and over again. As I speak to you, he is currently in my bedroom. Lydia explained. In your bedroom? Right now?


Lydia, please give me a knife. I will stab this boy to death. I swear! Mrs. Asum hurried into the kitchen to pick a knife whiles Lydia run into the room. They both joined hands and pounced on me in anger. Indeed, where there is guilt, there is weakness. I struggled to fight them back, but my strength failed me. They beat me mercilessly and Mrs. Asum stabbed me on the chest.


I screamed in pain and they both dragged me on the floor and threw me in a nearby bush. Lydia, let’s carry him a bit far to avoid suspicions. Mrs. Asum suggested. I am tired of my sister, you know he is heavy. You shouldn’t have stabbed him in the first place. Lydia responded unhappily. This is not the time for blame games. What matters is, he will soon die, but please, this must be a secret. No third party must hear that we had a hand in his death. Mrs. Asum cautioned and they both hastened away from the scene.


I laid there for days without any help. Due to the profuse bleeding, I became so weak and dizzy. When I finally woke up from a long sleep, I found myself in somebody’s hut. Welcome back to life. Please stay still, you are not fully recovered yet. I am going back to the bush to get more herbs to help you get fit. The man explained and walked out of the hut. God, thank you for giving me a second chance to live. Thank you for sending me a guardian angel. I prayed silently in pain and remorse.


Few minutes after the man left the hut, I heard voices from the backyard. Madam, who did you say he is to you? A young lady asked. He is my son. I’ve been searching everywhere for him, and I was reliably informed that a hunter from this village is hosting him. A woman’s voice responded. Well, it is true. My father found him in the bush with stabbed wounds on his chest and brought him here. Fortunately, he has recovered from unconsciousness, and my father has gone into the bush to get more herbs to get him fully recovered. The lady explained.


God bless you and your father for your kindness. Kindly hurry to the bush and call your father for us. Tell him visitors are waiting for him. The woman said. I could hear the girl’s running footsteps away from the house. This is a great idea, Lydia. If this boy doesn’t die, he will tell everyone how we almost killed him. Now, get inside that room and stab him again, whiles I stay here watching your back. Please be swift about it, to avoid us from being caught. The voice was Mrs. Asum’s.


Not again God! This person must not kill me. I must wake up and do something. I thought in fear and struggled to get up.



Written by Chinoso Charles.

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.

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May 3, 2020


May 3, 2020

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