God save me! I prayed as I run for my life. I run faster to Mama Lydia’s house. Meshac, who is chasing you? Why are you running on top speed? She worriedly and fearfully inquired. Mr. Asum is after my life. He is chasing me with a pistol. I responded with fear. Calm down Meshac, nothing will happen to you. I believe his mental illness has been triggered again, but may I ask you what exactly you did to trigger it? Mama Lydia inquired.


Nothing at all Mama. He just started chasing me for no apparent reason. I lied. That’s alright Meshac, what matters is you are not at fault. She responded. I hid in Mama Lydia’s apartment for days without stepping out. Days later, she broke the news to me that Mrs. Araba Daniels, Esi’s mother has also passed on.


What at all is happening in Esi’s home? How can she loose two parents within a few weeks? God, I wish I could follow Mama Lydia to sympathize with them, but unfortunately, I can’t. I have to hide from Mr. Asum and his family. I thought sadly. Weeks passed into months, and Mama Lydia and I grew so much in love together.
We hardly left each other’s sight.


Meshac my baby, tell me your wishes and I promise to make them a reality. Mama Lydia inquired. This sounds more than sweet sexy Lydia. First of all, I want you to help me to enroll in a university. Secondly, I want you to vow to me that, you are never going to break up with me. I responded happily. Your wishes are granted Meshac. I promise to buy you the university forms next year when they are out.


Secondly, my husband and children will return from the States next year, so I promise to rent accommodation for you in the city and visit you there from time to time. She promised. On hearing that promise, I simply couldn’t hide my joy. I hugged Mama Lydia, over and over again. One faithful afternoon, whiles relaxing in the bedroom, and my baby Lydia busily preparing lunch in the kitchen, I heard someone knocking at the door.


I peeped through the window and it was Mrs. Asum. Lydia hurriedly attended to her at the door and happily walked her into the house. My good friend, you look worn out from some kind of misery. Is everything alright? Mama Lydia asked. My sister, it’s a long story. Mrs. Asum responded sadly. Make it short my dear. I simply don’t like how you look. Mama Lydia insisted.


Lydia, can you believe my husband has thrown my daughter and me out of his house? Can you believe he has broken up with me and taken the keys to the shop from me? My sister, as I speak to you, I am so broke and devastated.
My family and I have tried everything possible to plead with him to accept me back but to no avail. Mrs. Asum narrated.


This is serious my sister. So where is Abena? Lydia asked sadly. I don’t know her whereabouts Lydia, but I believe she has gone to visit her aunt in the city. Mrs. Asum responded sadly. Now tell me, my sister, what exactly happened? Why has your husband ejected you from his house? Lydia inquired. Hmmm, Lydia. I don’t even know where to start. Mrs. Asum heaved a sigh of ready to confess.


Quickly, I began to pray like a prophet. God, I command you now, to give me wings to fly. Give me wings O God, before I get angry with you. God, if you don’t give me wings to fly from this pending embarrassment, I swear, never to worship you in the future as I planned. I threatened in prayers.

To be continued…



Written by Chinoso Charles.

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.

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May 3, 2020


May 3, 2020

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