Episode 16.

Wow, this woman pays better than the government. I thought happily as I headed back home. Meshac, wherein God’s name have you been? Mrs. Asum asked immediately I got to the shop to pick the keys to the house. Mummy please, I am very exhausted the last thing I need now is plenty of questions. I responded.


Meshac, why are you behaving this way? Who is spoiling you? She asked. No one mummy. Please give me the keys and let me go for my bags. My tongue slipped. Go for your bags? Meshac, did I hear you well? She almost screamed.
No mummy, it was just a slip of tongue. I mean, just give me the keys and let me go inside and rest. I responded smartly.


Meshac, I’m very sorry, I can’t give you the keys to my house. If you will move out of the house, you should at least wait for my husband to return. She stated unhappily. Well then, I must get back to where I’m coming from. I responded and walked out on her. Meshac! Come back here! How dare you walk out on me? She yelled as I walked away.


Finally, I got to Mama Lydia’s house. Meshac, you are back so soon. That is heart soothing, but where are your bags? She inquired. I’m sorry dear, but Mrs. Asum didn’t allow me to enter her house. She said I can only pick my bags when the husband returns from his daughter’s marriage initiation trip. I explained. That is no problem baby boy Meshac. What matters is you are here, we will go for the bags later. She responded happily and we walked into the bedroom to have fun.


Days passed and I still stayed with Mama Lydia in her house. Mrs. Asum called me several times but I didn’t pick up.
A week later, on a very hot Sunday afternoon, I asked permission to go for my bags. When I was almost entering the house, I heard the angry voices of Mr. and Mrs. Asum and their daughter Abena.


Daddy, I am very sorry for deceiving you about my virginity. Please forgive me, I mistakenly broke it. Abena pleaded soberly. Mistakenly? Abena, do you realize the kind of embarrassment you’ve caused me before the gods and chiefs of that town? Do you realize the embarrassment I will go through if my colleague teachers hear of this news? Mr. Asum asked angrily.


If you don’t want any more problems, then better tell me the fool who broke your virginity. He added. My husband, don’t stress yourself up looking for that fool! That fool is Meshac. Mrs. Asum quickly responded. Mummy! You can’t do this to me! Please leave Meshac out of this. Abena pleaded in tears. Instantly, I felt dizzy. My goodness, how do I go in there to pick up my bags in this heat of family brouhaha? I thought confusedly.


What! Meshac did this? I swear to deal with him. I swear! Mr. Asum screamed in anger. Daddy, before you deal with Meshac, ask mummy how she got to know about Meshac and I. Daddy, the truth is that Meshac slept with mummy and I. Abena led the cat out of the bag.


Blood of Jesus! Abena, tell me you didn’t say this. Just tell me it’s a lie. My Asum screamed in pain. Yes, daddy, Meshac slept with mummy so many times right in this house. Abena added. It’s a lie, my husband! Abena is the prostitute in this house! She is the one who has been sleeping with almost everyone in this town. Mrs. Asum bantered weakly.


Seconds later, I heard the sounds of slaps. Just then, I saw both Abena and her mother running out of the house with a scream. I as well saw Mr. Asum chasing them with a pistol. I hurriedly removed my slippers and took to my heels. God save me! God save me! I prayed as I run for my life.



Written by Chinoso Charles.

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.

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May 3, 2020


May 3, 2020

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