Episode 15.

Mrs. Asum began to moan softly. I flipped her old fashioned breasts apart with the tip of my fingers. Slowly, I picked the money and stood up to leave. Her eyes were still slid shut in ecstasy as I walked out of the room. Come back here Meshac! How dare you turn me on and walk out on me? She yelled.


I ignored her and locked myself up in my room. Meshac, you’ve insulted my personality, and I won’t forgive you! She threatened my door. This is just the beginning. I will make this woman crawl in apology before I sleep with her. I thought. Days passed, and she refused to talk to me nor feed me in the house. The money she offered me got finished and I began starving.


I remembered to visit Esi, to see the way forward towards her father’s funeral. Meshac, it’s been a week now since I lost my father, and this is your second time of visiting me. Is that fair? Don’t forget I was there for you when you lost your parents. Even if we are no more, at least, show some care for the pain my family is going through. Esi complained.


I’m sorry Esi, please forgive me. I apologized quickly. So when is the funeral? I inquired. God willing next month, and I hope you won’t be absent? She asked. How can I? I promise to give you my full support. I responded. We conversed for a while and I stood up to leave. Quickly, she held my hand. Mesh, now that my father is no more, can we reconcile? She asked with a low miserable voice.


Esi, don’t forget your mother supported your father against our relationship. I simply don’t want a relationship that will separate you and your family. I responded. Hmmm, Mesh, I understand you, but I just want you to know that the love I have for you is still alive. She responded and walked back to join her siblings in the room. Her words kept echoing in my mind.


I know Esi loves me, and I do the same, but unfortunately, love is the least of the things I need now. I need food, I need money in my pocket, I need money to enroll in the university. I thought as I walked on. Before I knew it, I bumped into someone. How dare you? Are you blind? She asked.


I’m sorry madam, I was lost in thoughts. I apologized quickly. Wait a minute, Meshac, is that you? She asked. It was mama Lydia. The friend of Mrs. Asum, who once offered to pay me for sexual services. Yes, ma’am, this is me. I responded in a mixed feeling. I am happy to see you once again. Anyway, what happened? You don’t come to the market again for your kaya job. She asked.


That is because I have graduated to another level. Mrs. Asum has employed me in her shop as a sales boy. I bragged. That is still tiring Meshac. What better job can be compared to what I offered you? Just stay in bed whiles I cook for you, pamper you, and pay you, for common rounds of sex?


Just look at how miserable you look? No better clothes and I don’t think you’ve been feeding properly too. You simply look like witches camp, so unorganized. She insulted gently. I lost the words to defend myself. Indeed, I’ve been starving. Madam, I have to go now. Thanks for the insult. I responded unhappily. I’m sorry for hurting you with my words Meshac, but at least, follow me to my house and let me feed your hungry stomach. Fresh guys don’t starve. She responded.


I changed my mind and followed her to her house. She hurriedly went into the kitchen to prepare something. If I was able to sleep with Mrs. Asum, why can’t I sleep with her friend? After all, this woman looks younger and beautiful than her. Just look at her ass, her hips, her lips, and her eyeballs. I thought. Before I knew it, I was so hard. I slowly walked to the kitchen and grabbed her boobs from behind.


Instantly, she gave a loud moan. Meshaaaaaaaac! Mmmmmmmm! I fondled her boobs for several minutes till she could no longer be on her feet. We romanced for a while and I pulled her skirt down for a penetration. I began making love to her in the kitchen. Minutes after the crazy round of sex, she served me the food, and we enjoyed it together. Meshac, why don’t you go and bring your clothes here? Mama Lydia suggested. Don’t worry honey, I will do as you say. This is where I belong. I responded.


I spent quality time with her till late in the night when Mrs. Asum began calling me on phone. Meshac where are you? Since I closed from the shop, I haven’t seen you. She complained. That’s true, but I am far away from home, and I promise to be back tomorrow. I responded. What! Tomorrow? Meshac, please don’t cheat on me. Please. She pleaded. That’s ok mummy, I will send the goods to her as soon as I return home in the morning. I diverted the conversation to prevent Mama Lydia from suspecting me.


Meshac, what are you talking about? Why are you diverting the conversation? Who is there with you? She asked so many questions worriedly. Thanks, mummy, I promise to pray before I sleep. Please, don’t forget to do the same. I responded smartly and hanged up. I quickly switched off the phone. Was that my friend on the line? Mama Lydia asked. Yes, dear. Come on here, let me define sweetness for you. I dismissively responded.


She hurriedly threw herself on me. Baby, do you know the true meaning of sweetness? I whispered into her ears. Sweetness is doggy style with a long d–k. Missionary style with your legs raised on my neck. Kissing with your eyes closed, and licking confidently without the fear of throat infection. I whispered. Now close your eyes and let me give it to you. I added slowly as I began making love to her.


We made love throughout the night till the following morning when I dressed up to go and pick my bags from the Asum’s house. Mama Lydia paid me a cool 200cedis for the quality sperms I dashed her. Wow, this woman pays better than the government. I thought happily as I headed back home.

To be continued…



Written by Chinoso Charles.

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.

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May 3, 2020


May 3, 2020

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