Abba Kyari

By: Busy Brain


Abba Kyari,
Days ago, you were alive
in pains caused by your positive status.
In Isolation, you could not survive
the sting of the pandemic virus.

What a pity, you lost the battle
at war front with deadly Corona
while your ‘Chief of Staff’ mantle
could not follow you to the lonely corner.

Abba Kyari,
You are now a missing script in Aso Rock
as Buhari endures your death with a shock.
Even though no one could restore your health,
For your country, you died a valorous death.

Tell God, you are a Nigerian,
The abode of greedy politicians.
Tell God you came from a Country
that keeps one’s flaws in the memory.

Abba Kyari,
Your soul is on errand to the sky,
And your office would be occupied by good greedy guy.
Oh, I wish these greedy men reason
that death turns around like season.

You played your part before you depart
In administration where things keep fallen apart.
Your wish is to be alive,
but God says you would not survive.

Abba Kyari,
Mind not the villains claiming you are bad.
Mind not the friendly foes pretending to be sad.
Where you are, no one can peep.
But, what you sow, you shall reap.

Abba Kyari,
After your death, we begrudge,
But none is qualified to be your judge.
Here is my condolence piece,

May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace.



Abba Kyari: The Missing Script In Aso Rock

( Busy Brain Writes From Rivers State,April 19th 2020)

Death, the precious price to be paid by everyone, irrespective of the race, religion, educational background and status. Like Abba Kyari, everyone would definitely pay the price.


President Buhari’s Chief of staff had put upon a greatness trust after the great hustling in the dust. He served his boss with love, strength and faith and turned to an object of ridicule and reproach after his eternal transition. What a pity, his perceived loyalty has caused a serious migraine to many who only believe in what they read in the media hook, line and sinker!


Funnily enough, many still believe Abba Kyari died weeks ago but the Federal Government of Nigeria only announced it last Saturday. The source of this news could be traced to Kemi Olunloyo and as a matter of fact, nothing can change the mindset of her fans to check the veracity of her assertion. Disgustingly, some media audience believe Kemi Olunloyo as their reliable source of news. There are some who believe in Dr. Farooq Kperogi and everything that comes from Kperogi about Buhari’s administration remains a gospel truth to them while some subscribe to Fani Kayode, Omoyele Sowore, Reno Omokiri and other commentators in the country. Surprisingly, both Fani Kayode and Reno Omokiri maintained an objective stand and made a good empathetic comments on Chief of Staff’s death. They accepted the fact that Abba Kyari was only playing his role as a loyalist rather than elected official.


Most people celebrating his death would remain numb if one asks them of his wrongdoings as a Chief of Staff. They don’t actually have points other than what they read in the media. They have forgotten, most of the people releasing derogatory publications about Abba Kyari have their own interest. If it is about Nigerian politicians, they only fight for their interest and not for the masses. So, don’t ever think they are criticizing Abba Kyari for a better Nigeria. If people that only fight for their pockets could go against Abba Kyari because they could not penetrate as expected, why would Nigerians think Abba Kyari was bad as Chief of Staff when other political grandeurs are worse.


During my days in the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State, I could recall how we used to talk ill of the secretary to the Head of Department. Why? Because she was strict and would always follow protocol when on duty. She would never compromise anything, she would do things as instructed. Her strictness birthed much hatred and many never liked her. I think that is how people view most of the secretaries, Personal Assistants, Special Advisers and the likes. Of course, people in those positions are always in bad limelight. Tell me why Abba Kyari’s loyalty should be different. He would also be loathed constructively and destructively. What is my point here? If Abba Kyari should be criticized for President Buhari’s flaws in office, he should bear both the good and the bad representation. Celebrating his death for the poor performance of the President is wickedness. He should be praised for the good representation as well.


Since I have grown up, I have come to realise one thing in Nigeria; Nigerians will never appreciate an elected president when he is in power. I was in primary school during former President Obasanjo’s regime. His administration was full of criticisms. When he left and Yara’dua came in, Nigerians raised mountain of encomiums on Obasanjo and mounted the criticisms on Yara’dua. Despite his performance in power, Yara’dua’s ill health exacerbated the criticisms to the extent of calling for his resignation to install Goodluck Jonathan who was his deputy. Unfortunately, former President Umaru Musa Yara’dua of blessed memory could not finish his tenure. He died on the way and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan took over. Years after, Yaradua that we so much criticized while in office became a messiah after death while Jonathan of the masses became a corrupt leader. By fire by force, Jonathan’s second tenure was like hell for Nigerians. Corruption, insecurity and other vices marred his administration that called for ‘Change Dole’ in 2015. Sai Baba was the choice of the masses. Almost everyone wanted Jonathan to be out of office. I said it earlier, we don’t always value presidents in office. Now that Baba Buhari is still in charge, the same Jonathan that was chased out of power in 2015 now becomes a hero and the ‘Change’ we clamoured for is facing the worse criticism left_ right and center. Fani Kayode was with Obasanjo during his tenure, Reno Omokiri was with Jonathan during his tenure. Despite the fact that Nigerians were not happy with their administrations while in office, Fani Kayode and Reno Omokiri could not say anything bad against their bosses. That is loyalty. So where did Abba Kyari go wrong to have deserved mockery and celebration after his death? We are Nigerians, we only praise our presidents after their tenures. I know Buhari will also become a hero after his administration despite the level of criticism he is facing now. Why mocking the death of Abba Kyari when you are coming to celebrate Buhari later ?


At this juncture, a minute silence for departed souls who lost the battle to Corona Virus including Abba Kyari, the missing script in Aso Rock. May God continue to be pleased with the deceased. Sooner or later, Covid-19 shall become history and there shall be freedom. Amen!


Busy Brain is an opinion writer, poet, journalist and Public Relations Practitioner. He graduated from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State…the fastest growing polytechnic in Nigeria

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April 22, 2020


April 22, 2020

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