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The music Industry is a battle glebe for all rappers, we can only hear the reverberation of rapping lines raining heavily on rappers who have turned to singers.

It’s the tale of a 22 years old fast rising Nigerian indigenous rapper Abdul Kabir Olakunde with the demotic sobriquet (Emini Kabex) An alumnus of the prestigious University of Ilorin who studied Political Science. This young versatile rapper came to the limelight via series of mind blowing Instagram freestyles where he got the hearts of people and his name tripping off tongues. He’s rumored to be under the shade of a flying INDIE RECORD which takes care of his sponsoring and other necessities. Kabex his cutting a dash in the heart of his lovers especially with his local Yoruba dialect which he uses to rap and he’s popular with heads in its versatility. While Studying in school, he started the career at tender age which he never gave up on as he combined the two.


The tale was auguring well at the nascent of his step into music, perhaps if he has alimonize it that way, it won’t be raining heavy rap lines in the industry. Kabex made a bold step to diss the entire rap industry shooting lines at rappers who turned singers. A very good musical content with message well disseminated he’s got. The most appreciated thing about his rap is his pellucid noticable message with lyrics well formed.

Kabex is always gallant and on point whenever he raps, he doesn’t care, whoever the cap fits should wear it. He was just taken aback to see rappers turned singers which is not suppose to be, at least they should stand firm and defend the game they claim to love, which also got them into gallery that was the only fight Kabex orchestrated. but this isn’t going well with other rappers who were victimized as it erupted several comments from all walks of social medias around this.


Aside the title given to him by his fans as the best indigenous rapper (Baba lẹ gbà) he said no one can withstand him in the rap industry. This caught the attention of all rappers translucently but only few didn’t put up with it. The likes of Jaido P who abruptly constructed a diss track with hot rap lines titled CONSTRUCTION. Rumor had it that his lines were co – written by another popular rapper DAVOLEE who was the major person hit by Kabex rap lines dissing rappers who turned to singers.

It was interestingly sad at this point when Jaido P released his track, Kabex took the bit between his teeth immediately constructed his own diss track titled JALOPI (Jaido P’S DISS TRACK) at this point both parties leave their fans in the Hobson choice as to choose who the winner is.


Below his the letter written by an anonymous to Kabex informing him that, the bold step he took wasn’t right he could have just been humble to all rappers, it’s not a cake in the rap industry as it’s a war for a golden egg.


Kabex could have conducted a meeting with all rappers or seek the legend in the field, quiz them on why rap now gets an Haggard look in the industry but he rather took the fight for himself and no one wins the war alone he forgot the power of unity. At the same time he still needs help in his career, the likes of Olamide Badoo, Reminisce, M.I could help me in his career he should have poured a cold water unto the hot sand first so he can walk peacefully he rather poured hot water onto the hot sand he won’t tread it easily the burns will affect and pierce through his feet which he’s suffering now.

Here’s the letter:

Meanwhile, after listening to his “Destruction – rap industry diss “, I felt the need to tell him somethings before his growing music career hit the rock.
Practice What You Preach
Why will Kabex come out to blast rappers turn singers when he has “Detty December “, “ Yeye Daughter” and couple of lamba songs.

Sometimes it is good to check yourself before bringing lyrical weapons to attack people. You are judging other rappers for what you are also guilty of.
Besides, when does it become a crime to be versatile?
When does it become a crime to blow as a rapper then switch to singing as long as you can do it?
Even M.I ‘s biggest song as a rapper had a singer, “ Flavour ” did the chorus. Would Oleku by
Ice Prince be blown without Brymo ?

You Don’t Judge Anyone For The Choices They Make In Life
Everyone has their choices to make in Life and the reason everyone do what they are doing is best known to them.

Who is Kabex to diss Davolee for locking up on rap to sing “Way“?
Tell me, when you’re in a music industry where people appreciate lambas more, a reasonable person would rather do what is more profitable.

Zlatan is enjoying the switch, Olamide gained a lot from the switch too and a host of other rappers with big names.

Vector once said, it is not a sin to sing as a rapper as long as you can sing and not trying to do trying.

Kabex Career Is Too Young To Step On Toes
Kabex‘s career is pretty too young to start up diss against big names in the music industry.

Thank God he was smart enough not to mention the likes of Olamide, Reminisce and others who started the act of shifting away from rap to singing “Choko Milo“.
I just hope, some big names in the music industry who are in the position to help Kabex more won’t start tagging him as proud and arrogant all because of this diss track.


The truth is, you need to grow big to a reasonable extent before doing a generalized diss at everyone in the music industry.

As much as you want to display confidence in your rap skills, be sure you’re not being arrogant and dis-respective in the process.

Relax, you’re talented but you still need more help.


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April 17, 2020


April 17, 2020

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