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COVID – 19

From our hearts emerges a crying sound
Mincing sad letters, sorrowful beats
Like the sound of a container
In which water boiling
Leaping over our hearts, for a disease holds our peace – keeps our skins at arms length – fear shivers down our spine.

The abode of God is inane,
The angels at rest in Eden’s garden
Relishing bliss – man in disharmony.
The fear of Covid – 19 strangle the fear of God – Covid 19 the new god
The god of cleanliness – the hidden god in snow – enemy of hell.

The law of Covid – 19 in mosques,
Give a wide berths to your fleshes – break the jar of unity at your shoulders,
Slit the throat of oneness at your feet.
Covid – 19 in churches,
In cold shoulders, make your dancing steps to the glory of Jesu.

And they say, what if Covid – 19 is God?
What if the God has taken the bit between His teeth in seethe?
What if the God has drawn the battle line between Heaven and Earth?
What if the bell to earth destruction has been toiled?
What if God doesn’t descend in His simulacrum but Covid – 19 to haul over our coals?
What if Adam’s fruits will kiss the dust with Virus?

Oh Lord!
Blot out our black deeds,
Shower merciful lines upon us,
Thou are our protector,
For thou art the best of those who show mercy.

Paciolo Pen Saint


Dear Uncle coro, e don shele-
I no know who vex you laidis
Wey make you just dey treat
Our fuck up one by one ehn!
Baba Coro no vex, I Sabi say
You no wicked reach Ebola.

But coro coro, corolicious coro-
E don comot for child play oo-
People Don dey die like fowl
Even footballers self don die
Finish. Oga coro, e don do na-
Na beg I dey beg, I no pride.

Kasala don burst
Yawa don gas fa!
Mama dey fear
Pikin weh dey cough
Even police no dey
Collect *white* if you cough.

You see say uncle Buuubuu
Don tell dem to block border-
Close church, close mosque and
Parties where we dey go high
In the most high. Sweet Coro-
Otoge na, na wetin APC talk fà.

Coronna, coronne oma-
Things Don scatter finish-
Every school don close fa-
Even markets self dey under
Maybe because na crowd we
Wan take style limit small.

But corolistic coro-
Shey no be die we
Dey so if dem close
Market? Everywhere
Go dey corrosive even
You self no go enjoy am.

See drama weh you give
Naija so, person no fit cough
In peace, you no fit scratch
Your body and shake person.
Even uncle Buuubuu self no dey
Shake again, abeg e don do o.

Na hunger remain now if
You no gree leave us, and
Na all of us go suffer am o.
No look our pride, we no go
Form again, infact, we dey loyal
Pass loyal milk, just leave us jeje.

Coro, no kill us for matter
Wey we no know na abeg-
Sheby na dem China dey
Chop life rat and snake-
We no join dem, abeg shift
Small make we breathe na.

Coro!, coro!! coro!!! How many
Times I call you? You no say
Your matter Don tire our dibịa
And babaláwo but no forget
Say Baba God dey, waka jeje
Or make I call am to come tidy your matter.

I stand at bay watching-
Learning the language of my ink-
Learning how to handle my pen.



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