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Episode 28

‘’Are you going to show it to my aunty? I asked in a small voice ‘’Of course not’’ she replied ‘’we see you like playing and just want to play with you. Show you
things your uncle can never show you’’.


That kept me quiet for a bit but quickened my pulse as I thought by play they meant get me men to F**K
me. ‘’I….’’ I couldn’t say what was on the tip of my tongue and lowered my eyes, suddenly shy and uncertain.


I didn’t know what they would think of
me if the found out what I wanted to ask them. ‘’what girl? This coming from Bukunmi ‘’I know you want to say something, so spit it out’’ ‘’errrrm, can I watch the video again, please? I
asked timidly ‘’hahahahaha, gawd, she’s worse than you Bukunmi, she’s a natural Sl*t, inborn’’ Laide cackles as she once again began playing the film
‘’does it turn you on? ‘’yes’’ I answered, already beginning to get lost in that hazy world of lust as I watched my uncle
kneel behind me and entered my Buttocks then  pushed me face down until my Buttocks was raised
high and my face pushed on the carpet.



I began  touching and pinching my Bosom as he started hitting me forcefully with my aunt’s hairbrush each time
he thrusts, how I would push back to have his Joystick as deep as possible in me and mewed with each stroke of the brush. In no time I had a massive
o—-m from just watching myself F***ed and when I came down from my high, I saw Bukunmi and Laide staring at me with a stupefied expression on their
faces. ‘’That was hot! Never seen anything like this! before’’ Laide exclaimed ‘’how old are you Angelica? Bukunmi asked,  rubbing her palm from my g—n and moving upwards towards my Bosom in a tantalising fashion
that got me bucking and heaving.



I wanted to take  her hands and put them back on my Kittycat m—d
but was too shy to do so. ‘’’Almost fifteen’’ I gasped, arching my
back, moving upwards and willing those hands to move faster and either lower to my Kittycat or upwards to my Bosom. ‘’D–n! When did you start Bleeping? ‘’Thirteen’’ it was getting too difficult to
answer their questions.


I wanted to be touched! My
body was too on fire for the play on words we were doing. My mind usually could only think about one
thing during s*x; s*x. I was not built to have too much conversation and F**K at the same time. I guess this must have communicated itself to both aunties
because the questions stopped and aunty Laide took off the flimsy gown she had been wearing. I saw her Bosom and my eyes almost tore out of my head as it
looked like those of the X-trated stars I had seen, huge and firm and defying gravity. They were round with big fat and long Tips and very dark areolas just
like mine. An insane urge gripped me to touch them, feel them and suck them deep into my mouth. She looked into
my face and saw my need and soon she bent forward until her Bosom were dangling in front of me.



I didn’t need a second invitation as I quickly  grabbed both and proceeded to fix my lips on the Tip of one. It was heaven! I began sucking the one in my
mouth and fondling the other with my lips. I s—-d harder and was rewarded by tiny burst of sweet juice into my mouth! wow i thought, sucking harder,
so this is how Bosom milk tastes like. I was elated, here’s something else for me to experiment on!.

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.



Written by Chinoso Charles


   Edited by PHYNOO FYNNO

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