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episode 27

The previous day to this fateful day, my uncle had  come back home in middle of work as usual and had F***ed me silly while spanking my Buttocks with
a hairbrush.



As usual my screams filled the entire
house as we thought we were the only people in the house and that even the neighbours had gone to work as their cars were not in the compound. I love it
when my uncle ties up my Bosom at the base and  then hits my areolas causing my Tips to become taut and hard and protruding, begging to be s—-d. He
obliges me by sucking and biting on them simultaneously causing both pain and pleasure to run through me at the same time.



We usually do  this when we are very sure that my Aunt wouldn’t get home earlier than nine as sometimes the Bleeping session last four to five hours leaving me drained and unable to do anything but sleep in until I can regain a
bit of my strength. I am not complaining as I loved these sessions more than anything and gladly welcomed them in fact, I had been the one to suggest
it as first to my uncle who then devised other ways to give me pleasure while in pain. That night after everybody had returned and we had had dinner, one of our new neighbours Aunty Laide
had come knocking on our door and requested an audience with my Aunt. I didn’t feel anything panic
as it was not unusual, in fact I suspected that they wanted me to run an errand for them the next day and so were asking for permission.



I was not wrong but their request was not what I had expected. It was
a Friday night and I was pleasantly surprised when my Aunt returned and told me that I should make
sure that I wake and finish my chores early the next morning as I would be following Aunty Laide and Aunty Ibukun to their aunts wedding as they needed
me to help them there. That we were going to be gone till Sunday.



I didn’t mind as it meant I would
see other places apart from my area. Next day I was dressed and ready and in their flat before 8am as that was the time aunty Laide had stipulated.



By 8.30am they were also ready and had
packed two bags which they asked me to carry to aunty Laide’s car, a shiny red RAV 4.

I was very excited as we drove off and thought gleefully about all the food that I was going to eat and the lovely
sights I would see when I got there. In about 30minutes we were parked in front of a walled building. I was initially curious as I heard no sound of
merriment or saw people milling around as was to be expected at a wedding but I was reassured when I voiced my worry that we would only rest there and
wait for others bla bla bla. I wasn’t overly worried though as it was like a holiday for me. We got in and
it was a five bedroom bungalow that was tastefully furnished and showed sign of affluent. The ladies told me to go in and take my bath and relax while putting on the tv. I said I had had my bath but they insisted so I did. They then gave me a towel to tie, that they had
something for me to wear to the party but didn’t want to give me at home because of my aunt. I relaxed visibly, happy that I would have something
new and decent to wear apart from my usual hand me downs. Aunty Bukunmi gave me a cup of juice to drink while waiting and soon I was sipping a second
cup of juice while watching the animated film of Pinocchio on tv.


Something wet and rough is lapping up my Kittycat juice. I feel a tongue slide deep inside me and I sigh,
‘James’ I murmured as I drowsily reached down to press his head more tightly to my c–t, so that he
could lap deeper and faster. My legs are spread wider as I touch the head between my thighs and jerked awake when I felt the hair I was touching!
This was feminine, a weave in fact and strange.


I opened my eyes and saw aunty Bukumi’s eyesf from between my legs and her lips tightly clamped on my Kittycat. I struggled to get up, at first disoriented about my surroundings but all flooding back to my head when I felt a hand grasp my shoulders and hold me down to still my struggles.



It was aunty Laide and I remembered we were  supposed to be preparing to go for a wedding, in fact I was waiting for my new dress but here I was sprawled on the couch with legs flung apart and a head between my Kittycat licking up my copiously flowing juices while another was holding me down  by the shoulders.


‘’Relax babes’’ aunty Laide said ‘’we are
not going to hurt you, just show you another part of s*x from what you do with your uncle’’ My eyes opened wide at the mention of my uncle and aunty Laide smirked saying ‘’yes, we know he
fucks you. Heard your wanton screams yesterday morning’’ ‘’buuut, buuuuu’’ I stammered, all the fight gone out of me and my body pliant and still.


‘’I even have videos and pictures’’ she leered and brought out her phone, pulled a stool in front of me and sat. Aunty Bukunmi just stayed between my
legs, no longer licking me but once in a while rubbing my swollen c–t with her thumb and fore-finger, causing me to jerk each time. She was also staring at me, silent. Aunty Laide then brought out her phone and searching through it brought it before my eyes
and lo and behold, I saw that the video was made from outside the sitting room windows.


There I was being F***ed by my uncle and exhibiting my wantonness for all to see. It was so obvious from the video that I was a Sl*t, that I enjoyed and welcomed
what was being done to me. I looked at the video and before I knew it I became aroused just seeing visual
proof of my sluttiness. My body became flush and my Bosom were raising up and down rapidly, signifying a high level of arousal. My fingers had surreptitiously crept to my Kittycat and I was fingering myself, my eyes glued to the video of me being F***ed. Their laughter brought me back to reality and the present and I looked shyly but reluctantly away from
the video playing on Laide’s phone. It was so difficult for me to pull my gaze away though.

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited

Written by Chinoso Charles

 Edited by PHYNO FFYNO

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