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episode 26

After that encounter with Alhaji, I waited for my uncle to send me to him again but he didn’t and I grew bored with Bleeping my regulars. I was in serious anticipation of Alhaji fulfilling my fantasy and more but I knew I just couldn’t go and knock on his  gateto seek admittance.



My young brain recognised that Alhaji was authority and I just couldn’t have
access to him as I had with the various uncles on the street. Several nights I fingered myself to sleep just thinking of Alhaji’s long Joystick and the length of
time he had F***ed me before cumming, the several orgasms I had had in the interval and the huge load of Pour he had deposited in my hungry Kittycat. My
climaxes were usually more hot, more intense and  more explosive even with just the use of my fingers rather than my regular hairbrush or cucumber.



After a few weeks of the word from Alhaji, I lost hope of his calling me back or of him fulfilling my desires. I felt that I had not satisfied him or he  thoughtI was below his expectations. I continued
giving myself various reasons for why he didn’t call me back to his bed or couch as the case may be.


Anyways I gradually fell back into my usual routines  and  my uncle and James kept having their way with me. Their attention and that of uncle Emeka’s friend (I never got to know his real name) helped me to put the thought of Alhaji to a very back shelf in my mind.
Not that ididnt think about him and his promise or his long Joystick, but the intensity with which I used to think about it and the expectation had reduced. It was about this time that something happened to broaden my horizon on s*x and take me to another
rung of the ladder sexually.


My uncle’s house is a two flat bungalow and we used to have a tenant in the other flat until the  previous  year when my uncle evicted them because
they were not maintaining the flat. Even after they had packed out, my uncle had had to do a bit of renovation before even putting up a vacant sign because the flat was in a very bad state. He had to do
fresh plumbing and painting jobs. We now had new tenants who moved in barely two months earlier.


There were two of them sharing the flat and both girls. Both worked in the corporate world with one being a banker and the other and insurance executives.

They were both very pretty ladies. One of
them was plump with big Bosom and Buttocks while the other was endowed with big Buttocks but smaller
Bosom. They were both in their early 30s. very friendly and accommodating as they used to send me on errands and gave me things such as cloths, shoes and food items like ice cream, chocolate and suya.


My aunt didn’t mind them giving me those things as it helped her ease her conscience that she had not
provided them. Anyways, I was very free with them and was allowed to visit with them and even sleep in their flat
whenever anyone or both of them was out of town.


This freedom was a Godsend and an opening int them initiating me into the joys of female-female action. Or bisexuality as they later made me to understand it was called. I had a lot of fun in the times they were in our house and they used me just like the uncles in the street were using me, but I like
being used as that was the time I had pleasure.



This is how they introduced me to the joys of bisexuality and wherever they are today, I want to thank them profoundly for the great pleasure they opened my
eyes to on that day.

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.


Written by Chinoso Charles


     Edited by PHYNO FFYNO


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