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episode 25

does your uncle know about this? He asked after some minutes of silence and I shook my head in answer. Alhaji was really surprised. He couldn’t believe that
a girl like me could take both guys at the same time.


He smiled at me and I beamed in pleasure as his smile showed approval and I wanted to please him.

He had this faraway look in his eyes that I later realised he only had when he began scheming of depraved things to do sexually. Alhaji knelt between my open legs and plunged his face into dripping Kittycat. He pushed the lips apart
with his fingers and studied the insides. My c–t had by now grown into a miniature p—k, rising out of the
folds of my pink slit. Alhaji bent down and placed his mouth among the mounting juices and the swollen c–t. Taking the c–t into his mouth, he s—-d on it gently, moving his head back and forth, letting his lips brush the roughened walls at the base of my Kittycat  lipswith juice flowing freely down his chin.


I, meanwhile, was losing the little composure I had regained. Each time Alhaji’s head brushed past my
c–t, I wanted to grab hold of his head and push it against my Kittycat, to force his tongue deeper and deeper inside me. I felt those lips caressing my Kittycat lips and slit. The sensations of Alhaji’s skillful Kittycat-sucking were driving me wild and my Tips grew hard and erect screaming to be s—-d.


I wanted to feel the Alhaji’s Joystick in my sopping wet Kittycat, to feel the pressure tearing the walls apart. A tremendous moan rose from my throat, and I could not hold it back. “F**K me!” I screamed and tried to stand, but Alhaji’s face was deeply locked in my Kittycat. He nibbled at the inner base walls of
my Kittycat lips and drank deeply of my flowing juices. Then he slid quickly erect, stroking his tongue up the entire length of my body as he rose. When he
reached my Bosom, he took one in his mouth and with his free hand tautly grabbed the Tip of the other. I moaned deeply and slid my hands down the length of Alhaji’s back, pulling him close to my moist, hotvKittycat and rhythmically moving my hips. My Kittycat lips sat on top of his blood-gorged Joystick and the  two of us to move together.  He s—-d my Bosom hard
and fast, taking it inside his mouth, letting it slowly come out and then quickly, almost brutally, sucking it
in again. I felt the blood pound in my head and the lights slowly go out.



I moaned and every muscle in my body stiffened at once. I threw back my head and  shook it violently, while I came and came, the Pour dripping over Alhaji’s crotch and onto the fine shag rug on the floor of the room. He then lifted me in his arms and carried me over to
the couch. In a minute he was on top of me and deep inside me. His Joystick was long, very long in fact Longer than any I had ever seen, even on X-trated. He
couldn’t enter me fully because of the length but I wanted him all. Therefore I lifted my legs up and onto his shoulders and spun my hips in a circle causing
him to slide further in until he was completely buried  insidemy depth.



I could only think of the Joystick
within me as he pounded me with deep strokes that made me feel as if I could feel his Joystick in my throat. He began an incredible rhythm of two short strokes and one long, deep one. Never had I been F***ed by such a masterful cocksman before.Then he quickened his pace. He shorted the short stroke of his motion until he was hardly inside me at
all, just teasing my Kittycat with the head of his lovely long Joystick. My Kittycat lips wrapped around the head of his Joystick, the pursed lips gripping it tightly as Pour after Pour took over my body. Then he plunged deeply into me and I screamed and clutched  at his Buttocks, gyrating my hips wildly about.


My feet kicked in the air as if I was  a bicycle. He continued his rhythm, two short and one long. With each of the short strokes, I was able to move and
think but with the long stroke there was nothing, nothing that I could do but to widen my legs even
further and to try to ride the massive Joystick that  wassplitting me. I cant really tell how long we were at it but my
estimate was that it must have been close to an hour  with me having Pour so many times that I had lost  count when suddenly, Alhaji began to move widely
about inside of me, his careful rhythm gone. I felt his Joystick stiffen and grow even larger as it filled with his hot Pour. Then, with a cry, he raised himself on his
arms and shot a wad of hot, sticky Pour that seemed to split me apart sending me into another session of release. He kept up his wild undulating, and with
each t—-t he would deposit another stream of Pour until it dribbled out of me and on to the couch. Finally, with a gasp, Alhaji spent the last of his load and
crumpled in a heap on top of me.


A new phase had just started in my life that has led me to where I am now. Alhaji did things to me, had
things done to me and showed me the very perverse depraved world of s*x that was not even imaginable to the average person and like a sponge, I hungrily soaked it all in.

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.


Written by Chinoso Charles



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