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episode 24

“Oh yes, yes, do it to me like that. Oh, yes, it feels so good. Oh, yes, don’t stop, more, please more.


Shove more in me!” I guess my whorish encouragements must have
triggered the beast in my uncle because he reared back for a second and then rammed the entire length
of his gigantic Joystick deep within my stretched bumbhole, impaling me completely, as if on a skewer. As the last inches of his Joystick buried itself inside my a—–e, my uncle began to Pour as he shot a tremendous load, pumping furiously, draining himself with repeated strokes within my brimming
Buttocks. It seemed as though there could never be enough room in my Buttocks for his huge load and come dripped profusely from my a—–e, covering his Joystick and settling on the couch. ‘’take it B***h, take it, take it all’’ he grunted as he spill his load into my drenched Buttocks, grabbing my waist tightly closer to join with his hips. I
was lost in one continuous o—-m and my shriek joined with his to fill the room. It took long for me to come down from my high and he pushed me away and got off me, looming over me with his Joystick
dripping our mixed juices and a coloured substance stuck to it which I am sure was my Sh*t.



I just lay there panting and watched him from the corner of my eyes. He went to the bath to wash and shortly after returned to the sitting room dressed and ready to go back to work. ‘’You are such a Sl*t. Get up, clean up and go to  AlhajiAbdullah down the street. Just know that I am the one doing anything he does to you.’’ My uncle said “Yes sir’’ I replied, wondering what he wanted
done at the Alhaji’s ‘’Do not disappoint me, understand? Else I will tell your aunt about the various people Bleeping you and  youknow she will believe whatever I tell her’’ he threatened ‘’Yes sir’’ I replied softly I wasn’t scared by his threat though I knew it to be
the truth, my aunt would believe whatever her husband told her over whatever I would say. But it
wasn’t that at all.



The truth is that I have a submissive streak in me, I always find myself agreeing to whatever anyone tells me to do without any protest at all. So far, I have always been told to do what I love doing and the only time I even put up
any protest was when uncle Emeka’s friend wanted to F**K my Buttocks, and see what finally happened. I couldn’t say a firm no and he had his way with me. A lot has happened since then to confirm that I’m a submissive and the pleasure I
find in being told what to do is unfathomable. So I will  obey my uncle and go to the Alhajis house. I got up, cleaned up and got dressed after my unclel left the house and set off for the alhajis house. Alhaji’s house was the last on our street and infact the biggest The compound has about four separateh houses within, each enclosed in another fence and gated Rumour has it that he houses his various wives and children in two of the houses while ther remaining two are occupied by him and his olders sons .



Sometime ago during one of my s*x sessions with uncle Emeka and his friend, I overheard a conversation between them that weird things goeson in one of alhajis houses. I hadn’t paid much attention to that conversation then as uncle Emeka had his faraway expression on his face and his friendtoo was looking wistful. I guess they bothw wishedthey were a part of the happenings in thath house.



I wished I had paid attention to that talk, maybe I would have had an inkling to what was expected of me. I got to the main gate of the alhajis house which was quite imposing and large. On could not see inside the compound no matter how much one strains. No cracks or gaps to peep through. Knocking the door witha stone, it was opened almost immediately and the maiguard told me I used have used the bell, pointing to it.



well I didn’t see the bell. He askedw what I wanted and I told him I was on an errand to Alhaji, he asked my name and his reaction when I mentioned it was like someone saying ‘’open sesame’’. He quickly ushered me in respectively and after shutting the gate behind me led me to one duplex that was imposing on its own. Behind the duplex were other separately walled and gated houses that were beautiful but not as imposing as the duplex.


Observation showed that all the houses had a common main gate apart from the individual ones. Alhaji warmly welcomed me when I was ushered into the sitting room upstairs. He got up and I used the opportuinity to look at him more closely as this was something people never got to see since he was often in his car whenever sighted. He was tall and slim, fair in complexion and handsome to look at.


He has this air of authority round him that gave the impression that he was someone of importance. ‘’Good afternoon sir’’ I greeted him ‘’Afternoon my dear, how are you’? he asked all courteous ‘’im fine sir, my name is Angelica. My uncle said I should come and see you’’ I replied as I stood in frontof him timidly, awed by his personality ‘’Yes my dear, I know.’’ He replied ‘’sit down’’ He then motioned the maigauard away leaving just the two of us alone. he then proceeded to play the perfect host by offering me a cane of malt drink and insisting I take it when I refused. Soon I was sitting in a relaxed mood as he prattled away on the films on cable.


He made me feel at home and less anxious. ‘’How old are you, angelica’? he asked suddenly ‘’fifteen sir’’ I replied ‘’hmmmm, how long have you been having s*x? This was from the blues. My mouth hung open, I couldn’t talk. I was shocked.‘’answer me’’ ‘’Twwwooo yyeeaaarrs, allmooossst’’ I whispered in a stutter, my nature to obey coming tothe fore ‘’Strip’’ he commanded, standing up and coming to stand in front of me. I got up as if in a trance and took off my gown, standing before him in just my panties.


My Bosom were full and my Tips already taut with the aroeles deep brown. He walked round me sizing me up, looking at me from all angles and even cupping my buttocks in his hands when he was behind me. All the while he kept mummuring ’hmmm’’. When he got in front of me again, he cup my Bosom, feeling each roundness and soft flesh with both hands.


They could not fit into one hand alone so he had to use both to feel each one. He pinched my Tips and smiled at my involuntary reaction when I gasped and a soft moan escaped my Lips then he stood back again. ‘’take off your panties’’ he said and watched as I put my hands in the band and pulled it down,sliding it off each leg until it was resting on the floor.



My Kittycat hair was not so much and there was an
obvious glint of moisture on them because I had
started juicing. ‘’spread your legs’’ he commanded again and
like a sheep being led to the slaughter, I voluntarily
complied, standing with feet apart.

He reached forward again and before I could blink, had shoved a
hand in my Kittycat grabbing my Kittycat m—d. I threw my head back as a shudder passed through me and I moaned from a mini o—-m that had
rippled through my body. He shoved first one, then two fingers inside my moist hole and then pumped  these in and out and before I knew it I was gripping
the back of his head from the intensity of the fingering and the way my body was reacting to it. He removed his soaked fingers and I sighed in  frustration at having it stop so suddenly. He looked at
his soaked fingers and looking at me proceeded to lick each finger clean. The sight was so erotic that I was gasping and moaning as if it was me being
licked. ‘’I see your uncle is quite right about you. You are a Sl*t, built to be used, F***ed every which way. You
should always constantly be on your back being serviced by c—s’’ he said, looking at me with fire in his eyes while I just stood there, panting, my
Bosom heaving, my Tips rock hard from the words coming out of his mouth, Kittycat juice noticeably dripping down my thigh. He was so right to name me
for what I really am. ‘’sit down and tell me about your fantasy.’’ He commanded as he brought a seat and sat less than two feet in front of me ‘’keep your legs open’’  hesaid as I made to cross my legs. His eyes were driving me crazy, his talk making me insane.



I couldn’t talk for minutes as I licked my suddenly dry lips, wondering how I was going to tell another  human being those thoughts that pervade my  sleeping and waking hours. He would think me
insane, fit only for the asylum. ‘’go on, don’t be shy. Talk to me’’ he urged
with a smile and then I felt something touching my labia.


I looked down and it was his big toe playing  with my Kittycat. It was already glistening from the juice coating it. ‘’I …constantly think of being F***ed by several men at the same time’’ I was stuttering, being
unnerved by the toe playing footsie with my labia and c–t. My comment was splattered with sighs and moans as I described by everyday fantasy to him. He
didn’t take his eyes off my face as I talked and neither did his big toe stop  assaultingmy c–t. It took
all the strength in me not to scream out in pleasure as his toe nail grazed my c–t. My body clenched and I
was curved like a bow as I let out a long drawn out moan. An o—-m had sneaked through my body and
exploded, causing my body to tremble and more Kittycat juice to flood Alhaji’s toe. His eyes roamed my face and all my emotions were nakedly displayed
to his viewing pleasure. Then he shifted his eyes to my heaving Bosom and that was when I noticed that
my legs were noticeable wider and my hips pushed forwards. His big toe was prominently displayed in my Kittycat, all gone inside me and wriggling. It was
bliss. ‘’what if I say I can make your fantasy a reality?

Do you think you are up to it? Can you F**K three guys at the same time for a start? Alhaji asked I looked at him in stupefied wonder, my head reeling,
my body flushed. Could he? Could he make my dreams a reality? It was as if I had been given a large
dose of pheromones as just thinking about it got me  cumming on his toe all over again. ‘’Sh*t! Alhaji exclaimed. ‘’just thinking about  its possibility is making you Pour so hard. Such a treasure, a worthy find, yes I can make it happen,
even more if you want’’. ‘’I have F***ed two guys before’’ I told him shyly ‘’WHAT? He shouted ‘’once? ‘’several times sir’’ I replied ‘’who and who? He demanded ‘’uncle Emeka and his friend’’ I answered promptly. It didn’t even cross my mind to
dissemble. ‘’You mean that igbo guy on this street? and his
huge friend? I thought your uncle was exaggerating when he told me about you. I’m sure he doesn’t even know how far you have gone sexually. I’m
eternally grateful to your uncle for sending you to me. A worthy find’’


All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.


Written by Chinoso Charles


    Edited by PHYNO FFYNO

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