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episode 23

The day my uncle and James F***ed me together marked another turning point in my life, especially concerning my relationship with my uncle.



They revealed a part of me I had only guessed at but never  seriously thought about. After that day, my uncle would simply tell me not to wear cloths as he would be coming back later in the day to F**K me, and I  wouldcomply, simply find myself going about Unclad
in the house whenever I was alone as I knew my uncle would come back from wherever he had gone to, to F**K me.



The first time it happened, I snickered
telling myself that I would not do it as I was not to be ordered around but immediately I was home alone, I
took off my cloths and did all my house chores Unclad. Each time I heard the gate rattle, a thrill of expectation would go through me only to turn to  disappointment when it wasn’t him. By the time he came back home around 11.30 am of that day, I was so soaking wet that Kittycat juice trickled down my
thighs. My Bosom were harder than nails and fuller  thanthat of a breastfeeding woman. And butterflies  flew round and round my stomach, by the time the
key turned in the lock and he walked in.


‘Has my Sl*t been expecting me? He asked. I could  only nod as I stood timidly in front of him and he inspected all my orifices like someone examining a
pound of meat at the slaughter. Rather than feel embarrassed at the way he held and squeezed my Bosom and shoved his fingers into my dripping Kittycat causing me to gasp involuntarily and spread
my legs apart, I moaned in pleasure. ‘You are my slave right? My s*x slave? He asked and I once again nodded, too lust in my hazy word of the impeding F**K to answer. My body spoke for me. ‘kneel and suck my Joystick’ he commanded.



I did as asked as I knelt in front of him and pulled down his zipper and then brought out his already hard Joystick
and slobbered all over it. I wrapped my lips round the thick head and pushed my tongue to caress the cumhole. He moaned and rubbed my head, pushing my face deeper onto his Joystick. Soon I had all of it in my mouth and licked it up and down, exerting slight pressure each time I got to the cap. His moans
increased as did the pressure of his hand on my head. ‘Good Sl*t, go on, suck it deep and hard’’ he moaned while with the other hand he grabbed one of
my Bosom and fondled it roughly, pinching the Tips  making it harder than before. I groaned through the p—k in my mouth as pleasure shot through me. But I
didn’t stop the sucking motion as I alternated between licking his balls and sucking his Joystick. His hand on my head held me firmly down until his
Joystick slide down my tonsils and slide down my throat. I gagged at the suddenness but quickly got back my stride as I had become very adept at
sucking Joystick. After a few more sucks I raised my head slightly and began to tease him with little flicks of my tongue on the tip and base of his Joystick,
finding a fold of skin on the underside and nibbling it. I could feel the heat rise from his a—–e and balls as I s—-d harder on him, raising and lowering my head,
forcing the Joystick into my throat as far as it would go. It seemed as if the massive cockhead would tear
the walls of my throat apart. But as if possessed by a devil, I continued. Saliva dripped from the sides of my
mouth, lubricating the entry of the p—k, sliding it in and out of my mouth deftly and effortlessly.


Some of  the saliva dripped down the length and stood like pearls on my uncles pubic hair. Bending over, he circled my head with both arms and forced my head down on his tool, forcing it, driving it
deeper into my throat than earlier before. There was only about two inches of the Joystick left outside of
my throat and he jammed my bead down all the way,  making me to cough and choke. “Suck me off, you B***h!” he uttered in a frantic whisper. The sound of his voice turned me on even more and I s—-d his Joystick even faster. I opened my mouth  allthe way and leaned forward, aligning my body so
that the Joystick could slide easily into my throat.



My uncle was almost in a frenzy from the sensation of my hot, slippery lips and tongue on his member. I reached forward and cupped his Buttocks in both of  my hands Then with one last effort, I pulled him forward and pushed my head down, taking all of the massive Joystick in my mouth and sliding it down my
throat. Then he threw his head back and shot his Pour over and over again as in a frenzy, I continued to move my head up and down. I tried to swallow
furiously, trying desperately to eat every last bit, but he filled my mouth and still came until it dribbled down the side. My uncle reached down and pinched one of my Tips hard enough to hurt slightly but also to feel good. She looked at him. His eyes were now blazing with desire
and he reached down and grabbed both of my large breasts in his hands. I moaned very softly, my Bosom are very sensitive and my uncle was grabbing and rubbing them, turning me on strongly.


He kneaded them against my chest in large circles, then  suddenly grabbed me by the sides and pulled me up
and then pushed me on the couch, one leg thrown over his hips so that my Kittycat lips brushed teasingly over his rock-bard Joystick. Reaching out, he grabbed one of my Tips and rolled it between his fingertips until it was tauter and firmer. I moaned, a deep-throated, guttural, half-animal cry that rose
from deep within my throat. I grabbed his Joystick and tried to position it in my dripping Kittycat. “enter me!” I begged ‘’please enter me, fill me up with your Joystick.” ‘’shut up Lovepeddler’’ he grunted as he deftly flipped me on my stomach. I pushed my Buttocks higher as on my stomach, the two soft
m—-s of my buttocks rose invitingly. My body was burning up and I needed something to quench the fire
in me. My uncle lustfully grabbed my asscheeks and spread them apart and he was on me in a minute, positioning his huge organ toward the tiny hole. He
t—-t forward and rammed his massive Joystick into my Buttocks forcing to spread my legs wider to
accommodate all he had to offer. His t—-t was so forceful that I screamed out loudly at the pain coupled with the pleasure of his penetration. ‘’shut the F**K up B***h’’ he commanded
Bleeping me the faster, ramming more and more of his Joystick into me. The walls of my rectum shook and convulsed with each t—-t, and with each hard
stroke I uttered a high-pitched shriek. My c–t juices dripped down over his Joystick, lubricating it. He whaled into me in huge, short strokes, a crazed expression on his face. My Buttocks became a  Kittycatfor him; my hole gripping him, milking him, the pleasure-pain was driving me crazy, doing things
to me. I have come to love being F***ed in the  Buttock  than seven more being * F**ed in the Kittycat. In fact being double tagged was preferable to me than just a Kittycat F**K. I was so so depraved and
members of my family were the ultimate cause of my depravity.



I do not hate them as I would never
exchange the pleasure of being a Sl*t for any other thing.


All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.


Written by Chinoso Charles



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March 17, 2020


March 17, 2020

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