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episode 4

I regained consciousness to find James my cousin
hovering over me with a wicked smile pasted on his
face and the slimy substance from my Kittycat still
smeared on his mouth area. He was using his tongue
to find and lick up the smears around his mouth.


I guess I must not have been out for too long. My body was still tingling and I was still shaking from the
earthquake that had just run over me. The button he
had called c–t was still throbbing violently and
sending sensations of pleasure through me. ‘Wow, what was that? I asked James breathlessly
as he held me and used one had to stroke my hairline
down to my face. ‘’You just had an o—-m’’ he replied
‘’there is more waiting, don’t forget we have
the whole day to ourselves.



I want to show you all the pleasure you can experience with your
body’’. ‘’Okay, I want more’’ I greedily replied unconsciously molding my body to his, I felt kind of contented, like my body had unknowingly been
craving it all along. My legs were still open and the
downy hair surrounding my slit was covered in mist.


I guess that must be what he had called ‘Kittycat juice’. I looked at him and could see that what he had called
his Joystick was standing upright and nodding
violently. I felt a morbid fascination with it and also
wanted to put my mouth on it the same way he had
put his mouth on my own slit. The feeling was
irresistible so I wiggled out of his hands with my face glued to that turgid membrane. The direction of my
eyes was not difficult to note and he asked if I
wanted to feel it, I didn’t bother to give an audible
response as I simply nodded and made my way further downwards putting me in a squatting
position. He encouraged me by sitting properly on the couch and opening his legs wider for me to get
between them, exposing his Joystick which was
standing upright and jerking back and forth.


I inched closer to it and took it in my hands, it was
turgid and strong and quite big with a slit in the
middle of it. I guess that was where his pee comes
out from. It also had a kind of cap on the upper part
that was lighter than the remaining part of it that was
where the slit was. It was a fascinating piece of meat and I was captivated by it. It felt warm to the touch
and jerked more furiously as I held it. It felt alive, as if
it had a will of its own. I squeezed like I had done
earlier and James groaned telling me that he was
enjoying it. Then I squeezed a little harder and his
groan increased in decibel. So I continued squeezing and releasing it making his moan continuous. After a
while, he touched my hand and moved it up and
down on his Joystick, he was using his hands to make
my hand stroke his Joystick. After a while I got the message and understood that he wanted me to touch
his Joystick that way. I am a fast leaner so I quickly complied and started doing what he wanted, stroking
the Joystick from the top to the bottom. This elicited loud moans from him as they became intermittent
and sounded guttural. My natural female instinct kicked in and I started
playing with his balls and Joystick at the same time,
squeezing the balls and Joystick at intervals.



The angry jerk of the Joystick became more pronounced
and his moans and thrashings had increased as he
leaned more and more towards my hands, pushing his groan forward and upwards.



I was enjoying myself as I felt my Bosom begin to tingle again and
my body became flushed once again. I enjoyed that
he was enjoying what I was doing to him. His jerks
increased and his moans accelerated giving me a cue
to increase my stroking of his Joystick which I gladly did. My face was looking intently on his Joystick and I
could see the hole on the head of it flaring up angrily
as the Joystick became harder and bigger sort of in my hands. I had a feeling that it was increasing in
size, strange, I thought to myself but not stopping the
hand job I was giving him. Suddenly he jerked forward, gave a guttural loud
moan as I felt the Joystick pulse in my hand and the familiar white substance spurt out of it to hit me
square between the eyes, then another spurt which landed straight inside my gaping mouth and another
until the spurt and the speed of it reduced to a trickle on my fingers. I swirled the droplets on my tongue
round and round to savour it again and then  swallowedit. His Joystick had become soft and was
gradually shrinking. Looking at the new size, it felt strange that something this small could have grown
so hard and big. It was a wonder to my young eyes. James’ groans and pants had by now subsided
though he was still breathless as he watched me lick
off the residue of his Pour off my hand and then
scoop up the ones that had fallen on my chest and thigh straight into my mouth. I can’t explain my fascination for the male Pour, just that I love eating it, I love the salty manly taste it leaves in my mouth and my craving for it seemed insatiable. James and I  were sweating profusely by now despite the fan that
was on highest, James from his recent c—-x and me
from my exertions and the fact that I had grown hot



I felt a need that I could not explain, I wanted his hands on my body and his lips and fingers in my
Kittycat. The remembrance of his fingers inside me as
he bit down on my c–t sent my pulses racing and my
Kittycat doing the somersaulting flips I had come to
recognise. It usually does that before I use my
Aunt’s hairbrush or remove to make it better. I started imagining him using his Joystick instead of
his finger on my Kittycat but before I could voice out
my opinion, James stood up and said he was hungry,
dragging me to the kitchen with him. It was there that I realised I was hungry too but I think my hunger for what we were doing surpassed that of the need for real food. I wanted more of what we had just had, a lot more. I realised that I had entered into a new phase of What I had just experienced was beyond what I had been experiencing while rubbing my thighs together, using my Aunt’s hairbrush handle or even my finger. I wished that I could use my tongue on myself so that I could always experience the feeling.


All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.

Written by Chinoso Charles

           Edited by PHYNO FFYNO

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February 13, 2020


February 13, 2020

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