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episode 2

It became a ritual, I would wait until only James and I
were at home before going to take my bath and I
would make an issue of it by telling him I was until he
acknowledges that he had heard. I would then take
as much time as I could, calculate how long I had
before the others returned. I would touch my already too big Bosom, pull on my very long Tips (they are
each about an inch long), lean on the wall with legs
spread and torso pushed forward while I play with
my Kittycat m—d. While doing this, I would
cunningly look at the crack in the bathroom door and
sure enough, my cousin would be there playing with his Joystick, breathing hard and drooling like a dog
about to get a big, fat juicy bone. I would draw out
the scene for as long as I could just so I could watch
him play with his member. I had an insane desire to
touch it, to feel it and be intimate with its true nature.


I still did not know what it was. There was no one I could conveniently ask as despite my physique, I was
in JSS2 in a public secondary school and the older
students looked down on me. They felt I just ran an
overgrowth of hormones. But curiosity was driving
me crazy the same way my body and its reaction
was driving me crazy. On one of those days when we would play our little
game out (I knew he knew that I knew he was
watching, I had even stopped closing the
door, we were the only ones at home as usual and
from the look of things, it would take at least another
two hours before any other member of the family joined us. I was having my usual bath session and my
cousin was watching and wanking as usual, moaning
loudly now as we had grown beyond all pretences.


I was also moaning as we watched each other from
across the threshold of the open bathroom door. I
noticed that my cousin had rubbed a substance on his Joystick and the movement of his hands up and down
of it was slicker and faster. I had progressed from
just touching my Kittycat m—d to dipping my
fingers inside my slit to feel the constant warmth and
throbbing of that area. I had also noticed that there
was a small pointy m—d of flesh just upwards of where my pee used to come out that was extra
sensitive. Touching that small button like m—d was
enough to send the electricity through me at any
time, place or day and I indulged. During bath
sessions when I knew my cousin was watching, I
would touch every part of my m—d, rub the crevice between the flap that covered my Kittycat slit and
then move up to touch that knob of supersensitive


I would let out small screams and moans as the
sensation took over me and I await the final
explosion that made that thick whitish substance
flow out of me with great anticipation. Even in my pleasure and excitement, I still watched
my cousin and the antics he was playing with his
Joystick. I noticed that the s—t had grown much
much longer and stiffer and hard several veins
standing out from the sides. My cousin’s eyes were
glued to my open m—d and would rove from there to my Bosom and very hard and painful Tips. My Tips
felt like they would detach from my body. It was
painful and pleasurable at the same time. I started
feeling the onset of the electricity when I noticed that
my cousin’s pressure and pull on his s—t had increased and he was pulling very fast as his mouth hung open and guttural sounds escaped his throat. As
the electricity hit me and I shook with it, I noticed a
white gooey substance fly out of James Joystick.

The force of it was so much that the first jet landed on my
Bosom and my body while the others landed on the floor of the bathroom.
The sound coming out of my cousin’s throat was
like that of a ram or goat being led to the slaughter.


I initially felt he was in pain until I saw the blissful
expression on his face and realised that he enjoyed
what he just did. He winked at me and left to sit back
in the sitting room. Alone and still in the bath, I looked at the thick gooey substance that had flown out of
James Joystick and something, I don’t know why
kept urging me to taste it.



I was initially revolted but
was ultimately overcome by curiosity making me to
tentatively use my finger to scoop from the blobs on
my Bosom and tentatively put the finger in my mouth. It tasted salty and felt warm to my tongue. I swirled it
round in my mouth and unconsciously began
scooping the remaining blobs from my Bosom and
licking them from my fingers making sure to savour
each taste before swallowing. After licking all the
ones on my body, I looked down at the ones on the bathroom floor longingly but knew that I couldn’t
bring myself to scoop them up to lick. I felt sorry to
see it go to waste. That was how I became hooked
on male Pour even without knowing the name for it
or the name for where it came from.

I only knew that it was a taste I would not want to stop experiencing. We had taken the ritual to the next level by that act
and from then on I would eagerly await the thick
sticky substance spurting out of his Joystick to
splatter on my body so that I could lick it off. i think I
must have unwittingly lost my hymen by this time as
I had experiment with all sorts of items in my Kittycat in order to heighten the pleasure I was getting. I had
used my auntie’s hairbrush handle, used a candle
and even used the remote when I discovered that the
further inside me an object was, the more the
pleasure for me. I always did this in the bathroom or
in the privacy of my store room bedroom very late at night or when I was alone at home. My cousin and I
stopped any pretence of ignorance when we were
alone and he had progressed from just wanking and
spilling Pour on my body while I was bathing to
feeling my buttocks and pinching my Bosom
whenever we were home alone.

All rights and reserved. Property of Winsala Muses Limited.

Written by : Chinoso Charles

                Edited by PHYNO FFYNO

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February 12, 2020


February 12, 2020

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