HEALER Episode 11


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Kendra stared at Connor like she hasn’t seen
him before. Actually she hasn’t seen him in three weeks almost a month when she
would have been dead. Aliyah had visited  herand told her everything that had happened when Connor came looking for her at Aliyah’s. She had known it would come to that. She thanked God she hasn’t
gone to stay at her friend’s place.
Connor stepped forward but she remained  where she was. Normally she would have reared back in fear.


“Hello, Kendra.”
He said. Kendra knew that she had never ran away from him before even with everything he had done to her and she was sure that after two days he had expected to see her back at the house regardless of what had happened. But he didn’t. “I haven’t seen you at the house lately. What happened?”
Are you kidding me?! She looked at him and walked to her car, he chased after her, pulling her to fave him.
“Kendra, please. I want you back.”
“Connor let go off me.”.
She said not looked ng at him.
” Kendra, please. Don’t do this. I’m sorry
about what happened. I don’t know what
came over me and I shouldn’t have done
She looked up at him. “Really? Then after
two days you’ll repeat this same words to
me. Its no longer a new thing to me because I already know those apology words by heart Get your hands off me,Connor. Before
I scream for help.”

“Kendra, I promise to change. I will change, baby Please don’t do this to me. I need you back.”

“Connor, move!”
She snapped. Kendra didn’t want to look at his face because the psychotic guy seemed to know how to attract pity with the way he made a face. She kept her gaze to her car
instead. “Where do you stay? Where are you now?”
“Get out,Connor. Its none of your business.”
She pushed away from him, quickly got into her car and zoomed off without heeding the voice of her husband to wait. She drove into Alex’s mother’s house and rested her head against the head rest to gain her composure back. The tiny tears that were forming at the corner of her eyes were brushed off by her handkerchief and she sighed and pulled
herself back together.


Alex joined them for dinner that night. But he didn’t sit beside her, he took his position opposite her. She heard Lisa say something  to everyone about how her day at school was today and how mean her lecturer was.

Alex made a big joke out of it and everyone laughed with Lisa shooting sharp gazes at him.


When his eyes met Kendra’s, he smiled
and winked at her. She blushed pink and
lowered her gaze smiling. When she raised her gaze at his mother, she was giving Alex a look which means that she had seen them.


Alex lowered his head and laughed.
“Leave the young lady alone,Alex.”
He grinned.


“Oh, mum. But you know I’m not used to
leaving beautiful young ladies alone.”
He said and his mother chuckled.
While it was time to take the dirty dishes to the kitchen she had helped Lisa do it but she could feel Alex’s eyes on her, smiling at her.


She heard foot steps in the kitchen while
she was washing the dishes and knew
whom it was even before she felt the brush of his strong hands on her from behind. His
hands skidded down from her shoulders to her hands that were already soapy and in the sink. His hands went in there and  enclosedher hands.


“Alex, what are you doing?”
She said but her voice was failing her.
“How did your day go?”
“It went well.” She remembered the
encounter with Connor but her memory
played tricks with her when his hands lifted her soapy hand up to her chest. She
chuckled with her eyes closed.


“What are you doing?”
She heard him chuckle. “Showing you
His hands guided hers up to her neckline.


Then with her soapy hands his hands went into her blouse to her b—–s beneath her bra, rubbing gently against her n—–s. The wetness of their soapy hands and the way  herubbed against her b—–s brought  pleasure to her and a sigh escaped her. He smiled.


“You like that.”.
She gasped and felt dizzy as she smiled. and nodded.
” Yes, I…” But she couldn’t go on with her statement.


The voice and foot steps of Lisa interrupted  themas his sister stepped in and she was in call. But they had already stopped. She looked at both of them and she must have sensed a  tension because Alex was grinning at her
and Kendra was feeling shaky. She put her hands in the sink smiling at Kendra.
“Its okay. I’ll do it.”

She said. Kendra smiled and left the kitchen.  Lisa looked up at her brother.
“You’re impossible.”
He laughed.


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