POETRY CORNER: Little Did I know.


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Poem Title : Little Did I know.

Majorie Nozithelo Dube:

Little did I know
That you were two faced like a coin,
That you would poison my heart like so,
Mastermind my death to be slow,
Drag my emotions from sea to an empty shore,
Shoot arrows that left my heart this sore,
Profess love just for scene?
Toss me like a puppet in a show,
How could you be this heartless though?


Expectation Mazarura:

Your love felt deep like the seas,
But Little did I know that through drowning my life would cease,
To think I felt I could get your honey filled sweetness with ease,
But you exposed me only to the unrelenting stings of bees,
Lets stop a second to talk about your manipulative compulsion,
Was my naive heart really worth all that evil concoction?
Did you consider my love and devotion?
I might not want to, but I need to know what was your mission?


Majorie Nozithelo Dube:

Your life would ‘cease’ so you say,
Does that justify toying like child’s play?
The sting you felt was my outcry,
To not allow our chance to true love die,
Little did I know love was not part of your plan,
So once I was in the deep end all you did was run,
Run far and called it evil concoction,
Your pride stands in the way to call it portion!
I had no mission excerpt to love you in purity,
But you trashed it and called it insanity.


Expectation Mazarura:

Sadly I hoped someday you would be my wife,
Little did I know all you wanted was to destroy my life,
Was it something I did to you in my past life?
That made you slice through my core with a butcher’s knife,
What happened to that sweet listener who was covered in innocence?
When did you start paying attention to that evil conscience?
Cursed be that you whispered and finished my sentence,
Little did I know that you were an instrument of the devil’s penance.


Majorie Nozithelo Dube:

Little did I know that you would make me so mad,
So devastated, heartbroken and sad,
My innocence you cunningly manipulated,
Through those evil sins you consciously repeated,
Yes the lies, cheating and screenshots you deleted,
The voicemails in your mischievous nights,
Created a monster and triggered the fights,
Little comfort lay with the voices in my head,
That love once good you twisted and turned bad.


Expectation Mazarura:

Were all those men
a fable?
Evil? Yet you made me take in more than I was able,
You kept your aces when I put my cards on the table,
I gave you priceless gold but you returned a worthless pebble,
I could not voice my concerns because your cries suffocated me like a cable,
With those men did you ever feel any guilt?
Did they really know who was behind your romantic build?
Your craftiness dried your flow with heavy silt,
Little did I know you were going to stab me with that dagger you wield.


Majorie Nozithelo Dube:

My heart will battle for you no more,
For you killed the fight in me when you dragged me to shore,
So I take my leave as tears pour,
For your words drain me to the core,
They will never ever be US again,
Hearts rest assured!

By Majorie Nozithelo Dube & Expectation Mazarura


All rights reserved. Powered by Winsala Muses Limited.

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January 10, 2020


January 10, 2020

13 Thoughts on POETRY CORNER: Little Did I know.

  1. This was touching.

  2. Beyond a shadow of doubt I can relate to this wonderful piece of art work. Great Job.

  3. Lovely.

  4. Short of words actually. Poetry still lives on.

  5. Great job. This is a wonderful duet, so touching. Cheers.

  6. I took my time to read over and over again. It’s been a while I have read a poem such has this.

  7. I have always been of the opinion that poetry is extraordinary, and it only takes continuous connection with the metaphysical, to draw out of its depth. Nozithelo this is a beauty in perfection. Great job. This is a lovely piece of work.


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