One of the greatest phenomenon and mystery in this world we live in, is “Love.” Love has no universal definition, because it is an epistemology of unanswered questions.


Yet, everyone make reverence to it at one point or the other in the cause of our individual existence.


Love is one thing, most of us don’t plan for, but it comes our way. In this song, Winsala Gbotemi travels to the great city of Lagos, the land of opportunities in search of greener pastures.

In the cause of his Odyssey, he meets Abefe, he falls in love with her, and this changes this cause of his existence. He makes a confession to keep on loving her.


The sing is jam packed with a lot of transcendental and easy to learn lines and lyrics. Which makes the song a must listen to all and sundry.


“Abefe,” is the fourteenth track on Winsala Gbotemi’s album “The Real Me.” The song was composed by Winsala Gbotemi and His-Grace, and arranged by Winsala Gbotemi.

Property of Winsala Muses Records, under Winsala Muses Ltd. All rights reserved.

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