Funmilayo Remix.

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Funmilayo Remix.

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Above all, one doesn’t need a soothsayer to tell ones future partner. When you meet the one, you’d have a very strong conviction. And things would fall into the right places.

Funmilayo is a love song that portrays Winsala Gbotemi’s burning desire to be able to spend the rest of his life with the woman he believes, is the right one for him.

Though there is a dusky patch, and the girl in question is having doubts because of circumstances and myopic phantasmagoria, Winsala Gbotemi is certain she’s the one, and he encourages her in his song to fight for the love they both share.

Gbotemi employs his best friend, His-Grace in this song, to try to convince her, Both of them are expectant that the girl in question would give Gbotemi joy, as that’s the interpretation of the Yoruba word Funmilayo.

The song is jam packed with a lot of paranormal and easy to learn  lines and lyrics. Which makes the song a must listen to all and sundry.

“Funmilayo Remix,” is the thirteenth track on Winsala Gbotemi’s album “The Real Me.” The song was composed by Winsala Gbotemi and arranged by His-Grace.

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