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It’s no gainsaying that a lady can be a bundle of joy in a man’s life, if she is the right one for him and vice versa.


Funmilayo is a love song that portrays Winsala Gbotemi’s burning desire to spend the rest of his life with the woman he believes, is the right one for him.


Although, there relationship suffers a little bit of set back, due to doubt, fear, and dismay on the lady’s part. Winsala Gbotemi encourages the love of his life to fight for the love they both share. Assuring her that, on his own part, nothing would ever separate them.


This song is jam packed with a lot of incorporeal lines and lyrics, making it a must listen for all and sundry.


“Funmilayo,” is the tenth track on Winsala Gbotemi’s album “The Real Me.” The song was composed and arranged by Winsala Gbotemi.


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