Fall For Me.

Fall For Me.

“Fall For Me,” is yet another serenade of Winsala Gbotemi. In this song he is acclamative and at the same persuasive.



Nothing frustrates a man, more than being in love with a woman who is finding it difficult to fall in love. Many factors can be considered to this effect, but the three major factors are; The fear of what people would say, the woman’s pride and ego, playing hard to get.



Winsala Gbotemi is fully aware of this mitigating factors, so he asks in his song, that the girl in question should fall for him, because it is not a crime to, because she loves him, because there’s no shame about it and because he believes she wants to.



This song has deposited in it, singsong lines, for fan aficionados of compositions well conjugated. And an effortless vocals for meteoric mastery.



“Fall For Me,” is the ninth track on Winsala Gbotemi’s album “The Real Me.” The song was composed and arranged by Winsala Gbotemi.


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