If This Love.

If This Love.

We don’t deserve anything in life, we earn it. Love is no exception to this theory. Winsala Gbotemi comes up with another metaphysical and lyrical song titled “If This Love.”


It’s evident that this time, Winsala Gbotemi is on the verge of letting go of the love he has fought so hard to build. It’s also crystal clear, that the girl in question, is having difficulties in deciding whether or not to let go of Gbotemi.



There are many factors that can make a man’s love for a woman be mitigated. All the same this song, doesn’t illuminate the major reason why Gbotemi is asking to know his fate. But it is visible that the woman refuses to let go, whilst she breaks Winsala Gbotemi’s heart the more.



This song has embedded in it, poetic lines, for lovers of poetry well scripted. And an easy lyrics for fast mastery.



“If This Love,” is the eight track on Winsala Gbotemi’s album, “The Real Me.” The song was composed by Winsala Gbotemi. And arranged by His-Grace.


Property of Winsala Muses Records, under Winsala Muses Ltd. All rights reserved.

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