Romoke Remix.

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Romoke Remix.

The power of true love can never be over emphasised. Especially when your partner loves you back.


Romoke remix, is an Odyssey of Winsala Gbotemi’s search for love. This time he takes along with him, His-Grace and Damilola. As they all embark on a journey of love.


Gbotemi decides to give everything to prove his love for Romoke. He changes his religion, his core values and purpose.

In this song gbotemi really suffers to convince Romoke. He loves by giving all what he think is right.


This song would make you understand, that if you want something, you should not hesitate to go any length for it.


This song was composed by Winsala Gbotemi, His-Grace, and Damilola. And arranged by Winsala Gbotemi.


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