Of late, the menace of ladies being too demanding, over bearing and biting more than they can chew has become an eyesore, and a social problem.


Winsala Gbotemi has no problem with a lady falling in love, and being with a well to do man, but the notion and idea that every lady, must date or marry a rich man is devastating and highly lugubrious


Love is not money, though money can be love. Winsala Gbotemi, His-Grace and Jackson Lee, come together in this beautiful track to express that, peradventure a woman gives either of them her love, they would show her more, but if she wants to break there hearts (leaving them for a richer man), it is better, she takes her love away.


Ogbeni is the sixth track in Winsala Gbotemi’s album, “The Real Me.” And this particular track is embedded with realistic and moral lyrics, making the song a must listen for all and sundry.


The song was composed by Winsala Gbotemi, His-Grace, and Jackson Lee, and arranged by Winsala Gbotemi.


Property of Winsala Muses Records, under Winsala Muses Ltd. All rights reserved.

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