Project Save Seun.

Project Save Seun.

“Eni ti iwo ba ni pa, lati se iranlowo fun, ohun na ni eni keji re, toju re.”


The above, is a wise old mystical Yoruba saying, that spurs the spirit of giving in the minds of less conscious souls. Giving to me has never being an act, but a culture. In a nutshell, I’ve never for once in my entire life, preoccupied myself with the act of giving, because to me, it’s a show of hypocrisy. On the contrary, I spellbind and also indoctrinate myself in the aqua of the Brobdingnagian culture of giving. Hence, giving to me, no matter how little is a way of life.


And life itself is not a static entity, but dynamic in all ramifications. Life, can be a tragedy of insoluble suspense a times, and sometimes an epitome of blissful cornucopia. In other words, there are bad and good times in life. Little wonder, the Yorubas would say, “ti bi ti re, la da ile aye.” My prayer is that the bad side of life won’t over shadow the good side. I do not intend to go further into the metaphysical, so let me pause a little here. But i wouldn’t fail to make mention of the fact that life brings to us unplanned packages. These packages are of two fashions. Of course, “The good, and The Bad.” To every law, there is sometimes an exception, so people tend to experience, “The Ugly.”


These surprise packages can come in form of love, death, terminal illness, and so on. They happen unexpectedly, little wonder, man proposes, but God disposes. “A pari inu mi, ma ba to de mi je.”


Recently, myself and closet friend, Ejide His-Grace, decided to take a tour round South-Western Nigeria, it was a fun forwarding experience. Part of the states visited was Ondo state. There in Ondo, we met a little boy, Seun, as displayed in the video. Seun is a 15 year old secondary school student and apprentice. Who suffers kidney disease. My heart went down south immediately he was introduced to myself and His-Grace, I took pity upon him, I hope you all also do the same.

He needs immediate medical attention, and all his family members were able to raise was two thousand naira. I believe that this message should touch the hearts of individuals towards imbibing the culture of giving towards his treatment.


I know and I’m aware of a lot, of charity scam of late, and for the sake of my fans and well wishers, i wouldn’t do anything to tarnish my image and that of Winsala Muses Ltd (, so I wouldn’t be uploading any account number yet, as i want to personally ensure the accomplishment of project Save Seun.


There in Ondo we met some serving corp members, we spoke to them about Seun’s predicament, and they promised to be involved. One of them is Corper Agbato Ogere. He is the project manager of Save Seun campaign, and i would be giving out his phone number, so that benevolent individuals can contact him, on how to reach Seun, the state of his health, and welfare. I want confidentiality, transparency, and above all, sincerity. So i won’t be releasing any account number yet. But would very soon.


Also, very soon i would be publishing his medical reports, pictures, and his progress reports. This boy has a bright future ahead, and the ball is in our court to help him. No amount is too small to save Seun’s life.


The Save Seun Campaign is real, and not a scam. Contact Corper Agbato Ogere via telephone or Whatsapp using +2348092741346. Help a future today, as you imbibe the culture of giving.


Much Love,
Winsala Gbotemi.
Winsala Muses Ltd.

Project Save Seun.

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