Poetry Corner: The Sage’s Muses Vol 13.

Poetry Corner:

Poetry Corner.

The Sage’s Muses Vol 13.

Fray Since 1960.


The moon enters my room;
Touching my flesh
Piercing my veins,
Yet making no gains but pains.
I’m that uncompleted clause, making no sense of my independent clock.


I started my early life with stone, made rocks.
I’m that giant;
ripped – by my very own,
raped – on many fronts.


I was born by name given my invaders.
I am floating into the wind-pipe, known the world over.
I was made with Blackburn as shadows of the nightmare.


I’m Nigeria; I got out from anus fecund:
Of white anguish and I have entered the
throat of blackish-born.


When Will I be free from this self entrapment – the sinking sun in the belly
Of wind that appears in me;
It’s sufferness and blood spraying.
Lagos Suburb, Jos, Kano, Sokoto
Rivers, Ibadan, Abuja, are made of
impregnable black under me.


Healing onto the tendrils of green
but the hope to feed those my co-hyponymes
has hugged Irritated like “Coco leaf.”


The struggle isn’t showing
Green; like chibok girls, half on Biafran imagination.
The other reminisce of the pogrom scene
of the “87 Million”
crying like a newborn denied of food.


The other half forms in me;
Like old soul breaking the song of err salt.


Like Maiduguri, Kaduna, Jos
drawing the rainfall of bloods.


Since 1960:
I got out from living on dews,
I stand tall as giraffe to win over my wars.


I am Nigeria,
struggling to keep the devil in me at bay.


Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi.

My Crush.

On that day, l got a lifetime chance to ,
Love in its boldest sense.
A full package of it.


In a sea of faces.
In a multitude.
Peculiar you stood out.
From the rest you stood out.
A different grain by the seashore.


An envious glance l stole.
A covetous gaze l gaze.
You made me feel.
From the first glance.


My self believed
You are my beau to be.
My future fiance.
All l waited for.
All I dreamed of.


As l see it,
From the dream of relationship commitment you will wake me up.
With you true love exists.


From the very moment,
You treaded upon tender grounds,
Taking a rest by my heart’s inner room.


Before l never felt this way.
Nor can I again.
Never in my time.
Love so real
Feelings so powerful.
Emotions so pure.

My net I can’t wait to cast.
Do you feel the same.
Can’t wait to the walk down the aisle.


Long Overdue Stable.



Am not guilty my lord
All i did was cloth her with the helm of love
Wrapped it up with care and promises
Melted the cloud of sorrow
Took the falling star and forge it into a ring
Gave her my heart to keep her save
Made her my rain and my emotions
She was my deepest secret and also my word
As she hold the key to my world
Made me intoxicated by her love
As she float away
Turned the rose of love into thorns
Making love a shadow to hate
Leaving me with war of passion for love

-Oluhayero Sola.



True, I love being the train,
train of brilliant rain.
terra firma is Anike, brain whose main
grail is to make a giant.


For my future, Ranger of Nkere will lose is puissant.


Come to me in pains,
we will write, telling pages on trains.
Brain better than brains?
No… Bamidele , you and I will make gains.


With you, my boredom grinds to a surcease.
We would unchain the hearts of dilettantes.
Controlling the juvenile rants
till pain after pleasures cease.


You love my voice,
I am your choice?
Anike wishes to be the head on your chest.
Pleasures before pain is fraught with danger
Bamidele, let’s make legacies for the rest,
or else haste will us from Shangri-la .


Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.

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