Poetry Corner: Ajakaye Rashidat’s Collection Vol 1.

Poetry Corner:

Poetry Corner

Ajakaye Rashidat’s Collection Vol 1.


Trying my policies fun your sake,
hurting my home’s law
to make you feel loved.
Oh yes, I did it!
You ‘re coming home, after a long while,
even the worm in me turns,
you don’t want to see me.
Don’t want to know you are home,
I will be strong
as you reopen my brusies.


oh thunder of love!
See the pains you caused,
see my legs, how bony they die,
see how he stole away. .
Oh thunder of love,
send no one anymore
for he will kill again.

Fifteener (Love ‘ DEPRESSION ‘).

I wonder when creatures
will give back
what they have taken.

Life has raped man
of his innocence.
Leaving not me.

Will I just love to live
or love will leave me
living for it?

Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.

All  rights reserved. Powered by Winsala Muses.

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