Poetry Corner: The Sage’s Muses Vol 11.

Poetry Corner:

Poetry Corner

The Sage’s Muses Vol 11.

(My confession of love to Maryam).


To the sun; I pledge all my loyalties,
I dispose to the stars; my casualties,
Many amendments of folklore tales,
Shows the tragic premise of sun rays.

I summoned an unrestrained courage;
To draw closer; your Attention’s voyage,
Emotional wimps makes my heart boil;
So! body swells its horribleness; as it oils.


My love for you; is so much unquestionable,
Verily! It’s so sweet; strong and indomitable .
I was drenched in solid array of curvy dismay,
When your departure; left me in total disarray.


It is so sweet like a fragrance of the mill,
And a beautiful flower planted on the hill.


I am Abdulrouf wasiu
The writing writer



I am her emotions speaking
Loud and clear with all I have got
I did know a girl
Once who had tilted thought.
But soon she became stronger the before
She used to regret all thing she did
And then to send my strength to her as a gift,
I stayed inside of her,
And give her strength.
Give her love and give her regret
She isn’t here anymore.
So I’m free
To go into the world
And search for someone new.
But I still remember her
I remember being her
Cause after all she was me
And I was her
Now in the world
My strength it time to give to another.




I have been living my life in lies,
It seems my childhood
Has gone back to time.
My daddy walked out
And I had know one to cry to.
I had to stay strong
So my spirit would not die.
Now I have grown up too fast,
Trying to make this life last.
Tell me what a boy can do?
Forget about what’s won’t in truth?
That’s not something I can do,
What’s done is done,
And that’s the truth.




The feat,
Usually come when the tornado of life come to whirl herself,
Herself to the strong and the weak: how strong she is,
By stunning and stunting the weak and the strong.

The feat,
Usually come when the terrace of life show herself,
Herself to the thin and the fat: how slippery she is,
By slipping and slumping the fat and the thin.

The feat
Usually come when the web of life come to prove herself,
Herself to the coward and the brave: how mulish she is,
By twining and blurring the vision of the brave and the coward.

The feat,
Usually come when the thorn of life come to flare herself,
Herself to the female and the male: how tough she is,
By piercing the feet of the male and the female on the struggling race.

But I believe the weak and the strong, the thin and the fat,
And the coward and the brave, the female and the male,
Would overcome and defeat those unfriendly feints of life,
Only if I, and they, would tackle it with inner strength,
To achieve great education and other feats.


Hammed Jubril Sulaiman_
_Sulexmighty (Poetic Soul)_

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