Someone once told me that, a person can be said to have gotten to the highest level of intellectuality when he or she can live a balance life between two opposing thought or perspectives. I’m a respecter of individual view/perspective so I can’t agree less.

Now ANTISYZYGY, to save you the stress and data of bombarding Google with the word, here is the simplest meaning. It means the joining together of opposites.

Social media has given people the opportunity to air their perspective on matter arising ‘freely’. This is a freedom I see as a ‘TRAP’ for a future bondage.

We all have read or see promises of many politicians unfulfilled when they are elected. You are not the only Nigeria. I know politician A is your favourite. Keep it to yourself and maintain good relationship here on Facebook and other social media.

I worship lord Shiva, you are a Buddhist, we all know who is killing who. Not until you tell us, keep it to yourself and maintain good relationship. Don’t fall into the trap of social media all in the name of freedom.

Believe in whatever you wish to believe in, understand other people’s belief based on their perspective. Don’t criticize anyone’s perspectives of matter arising. Join the opposites in your heart and follow peace with all men.


Isaac Olushola


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