Poetry Corner: The Sage’s Muses Vol 4.

Poetry Corner:

Poetry Corner.

The Sage’s Muses Vol 4.

The Perfect Abnormalcy.


My words flow effortlessly,
My pen bleeds without a pause.
Weaving my thoughts on paper has never been a feat,
But emotions are high, expression is now difficult.

How then can I open my heart?
How can I voice it out without seeming weak?
I always took pride in subjecting my feelings
I guess that ability has suddenly eluded me.

You’re the crazy that merely existed in my fantasy
The perfect abnormalcy to my insane world
And you’re slowly becoming an addiction
Common sense tells me to stop
But the sweet torture wouldn’t make me let go
You’re fire
And I’m just a pyromaniac who won’t stop playing with it.


Industrious Element.

Every scenery;
can not be a success,
without a touch of you.
You can not be part of a bribery.

You make us;
A shortage of you;
a rhythm suffering,
that spins every where crying.

When we open the;
tap and realize that you are not flowing,
Our hearts wail with discontent.
At the borehole we socialize with each other,
waiting for you.


You are valuable than gold,
the thanks and praises belong,
to the One who created you.
You are so bold,
Very wondrous and industrious.

When we play,
with you as you fall as rain,
we feel the feelings of freedom from within.





-Gerald Tapiwa Moyo.



Flaunt it wings in the air,
Whim of winds direct irregularly the clouds,
Awful thunder shoot down the sky in it heart,
Helpless clouds mumbles,
Injustice thunder frowns.


Mother screaming,
Pack in the habiliments,
Stay out of the countless heavy strokes.


Poor boys sit under the roof,
Anticipating the numerous lines
To drop.


Busy old unruly sun,
Sets out to sweep
The board under the feet of cloudy sky.


The boasting rain
Couldn’t save it face.

Paciolo Pen Saint.



Like in the Vietnam war
Veterans fought for peace
Valiant men of valor set the pace
Now when the anthem is sounded


Blood for blood
Men paid the price
Bullet for bullet
The guns will arise
Fierce fearless men
Stood tall in all


When the battle cry is ended
The fruits of war are the wounded
They live to tell the story of the stranded
Stranded in thoughts that is not commanded
Let us stand in ovation for them


They gave their best
They redeem the west
They faced the tempest
Now they went to endless rest


Hoist the flag
Give them a tag
Fill their bags
With happy packs
Then wear your cap
And salute.


©~Chima Daniel.

I Rise Up.


I rise up,
It doesn’t matter,
I rise up,
Cos need be,
I rise up,
Cos it’s worth it,
I rise up,
Cos in your eyes,
I rise up,
Is a thousand place,
I rise up,
That I’d love to be,
So I rise up.


-Winsala Gbotemi.

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March 23, 2019

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