Poetry Corner: What Other Right?

Poetry Corner:

Poetry Corner.

Title : What Other Right?
Poet : Gerald Tapiwa Moyo.

Ever since;
No matter the season,
We have been given a chance.

A chance to express;
What the cardiac and oblongata sections feel.
Not always to impress;
Some write-ups come in to heal,
Others set ablaze the unquestionable gestures.

Performances lit up some more,
Stroke the very core.
Reviving the bore.
A right to speak out for the speechless,
A voice for the voiceless.
Laying the naked truth; to the ground without a guess.

What other right shall we ask for?
Only using it with generational thought;
Is the best of it’s kind.
Letting your mind,
To go behind the band;
for you to tackle everything,
For the society to listen without missing a thing.

An art that pickles every part.
Freedom at its best extent,
An awakening opportunity;
Set your mind free,
then feel free that spree;
from that tree in the Utopia.



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