A Piece of Peace.


(Golden message to erotic writers of 18+ piece).

I started giving my self unnecessary headaches when i pondered over and over, on the incessant usage of erotic dictions of some poets and poetess when addressing their audience through their piece (articles, stories or poems), to me, it firstly antagonize my belief and i personally see it as a way of giving devil a stage to rejoice over one’s life.

Sure! The muse comes differently in a diverse and metamorphosis way. Alas! to avoid been stuck in to devil’s trap, methinks there are some other ways of presenting your erotic piece in such a way that it’ll be more blunt and very concise enough to give your readers a clear portrait of what your sermon is all about with the help of simple imageries, even without staying your pen with smelly words.

I come across a post like this (An erotic piece) recently in a poetry group, and I tried all my possible best to convince the impression of this writer, but all to no where but avail. Claiming that Shakespeare is the most perfect and highly rated erotic master.

To be candid! I respect Shakespeare a lot and I give big thumb up to him many a time, when ever I read any of his works, I normally find the original creativity there in, infact, I do use his sonnet style mostly in some of my literary works (poems).

However, as a writer, to depend on what someone do as your backbone or use it a your evidence may at times sound gibberish or look absurd to one’s personality. What if the person isn’t in a right way on what he’s doing? Would you blindfoldedly follow him?

And besides, this Shakespeare we are talking about build his own style of writing with the best of his own creativity. Wouldn’t you as a writer do the same? Why relying on anyone? Who told you that person is perfect?.

Erotic poem with straight forward sexual explicit, to me, is as if the person is blaming his creator for giving him/her such intellect, and also like when one is intentionally drowning him self in the pool of bloody sin, and you know what? Punishment awaits.

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March 18, 2019


March 18, 2019

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