Poetry Corner: YOUNG BILI , I LOVE YOU.

Poetry Corner:


Poetry Corner.

Today sings his name of my Innocent man,
The Nwobodo to the airs of Saturn ,
The Uchenna that my breath sleeps at all star times.
Every time you sprinkle your pen on STRIDA,
Millions champing at the bit
for the next pattern on Giant Pen,
You have no better part than your nature,
Filling the bills of INCHLIBs and
thousands to be discovered.
Just weeks ago did I go down as ninepins,
and in deafness of all odds,
Oh  Billi !
You went wagging windows to warm
my writing on the wall.
Young Billi you, best I ever had…

May you be the man of the world ,
May come up in the world,
May your happiness lead the world,
May you put wisdom to the world,
May your bridges teach the world,
May the events of life be your world.

Young Billi ,I really love you,
I never thought of this line,
For I speak not on the tyres of poetry,
But on the zeal of my emotions.

Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.

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