Poetry Corner: Touched.

Poetry Corner:


Title : Touched.

Poet : Gerald Tapiwa Moyo.

I have heard;
the depressing plus torturing.
I have seen;
the welcoming plus charming.

Amongst each community;
that I have reached,
Songs of peace echo;
The unattended with none to tackle,
Stare aimlessly around; to those using the sickle.
What happens?
I am touched.

I see the handicapped;
The heart inside me,
Flip to and fro;
Then what?
I am touched.

They witness as others are in bliss;
as they twist their cheers.
Sticks to locate the way,
For their eyes have not;
Seen the colour of the ground.
What happens is;
I am touched.

Without pigment;
They go on the surface,
Many other groups laugh;
Without minding how tough.
Some do not make it;
In achieving their dreams.
Most of their majority;
Are without ability to afford,
Skin maintenance creams.

I have faced;
The homeless,
Afflicted by all these.
What happens to me is:
I AM Touched!

If you have that;
which can uplift our friends,
Make haste for ends to meet.
Feel touched and act.
This is because am;


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March 16, 2019


March 16, 2019

One Thought on Poetry Corner: Touched.

  1. May the Holy Spirit continue using you to preach the Word this way. Stay.blessed.


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