New Creation.


Slimmy’s phone ringing tone disrupted his thoughts, he took it out of his pocket and answered it before sinking into the sofa.

“Hello Gentle,” Slimmy said into the phone.

“There’s a problem o,” Gentle’s voice came through.

“What’s the problem bro”

“Seems like the white tigers got here before us, our secret mission was sabotaged even before we got here” Gentle explained.

“Okay, you and Rough should start coming back immediately ” Slimmy said and the call was terminated “Kong and Nazaretha, the two of you should go and mobilise all our members, all of them, we will all be staying together here for now” Slimmy ordered and went into Host’s room.
“What’s the update now” Host asked as he was rolling a rizzler in his hands.

“The mission wey Gentle and Rough go don kast o” Slimmy replied.

“Ohhhhhhh how did that one happen again na” Host shouted.

“There is a spy among us” Slimmy replied calmly but on the contrary Host got up almost immediately and reached for his gun.

“I am going to blow the bastard’s head off”

“I’d rather we solve this gently”

“There’s a spy and you want to solve it gently, are you in your right senses at all”

“For starters, we don’t even know if it’s just one spy or many of them among us”

“Hnmmm then we will fish them out” Host barked again after thinking through what Slimmy said.

“Fish them out you say, how do we do that bossman”

“Do you have a plan”

“Yes I do”

“Hnmmm what is your plan then” Host spoke calmly this time around.

A group of ten boys were walking down a narrow path while a group of five boys were also coming in the opposite direction, they were all putting on different types of clothes but they all had a white beret on. After minutes of slow walking they all met and started exchanging greetings.
“Small how far na”

“Oj we stand well oo”

“Wetin be the scores na”

“Baba we dey hala dem for now na 5-2” Small replied smiling with all his teeth out, Oj smiled back. Seems like things are working out as planned.

“Any news from our source” Oj asked.

“He say na sudden attack dem wan dey use now oo, then them go ghost after each attack” Small replied.

Oj kept on laughing for a while before talking again. “Sheybi na that their deck all of them go gather dey abi”

“Yes na the Arch Angels Mansion for sure”

“I have an idea” Oj brought out his cellphone, scrolled it for a while and when he got what he was looking for he clicked on the green button and then waited for the call to be connected, after the third ring there was a response.

“Hello” Oj spoke softly into the phone.

“Yeah who is this” an impatient female voice came through.

“It’s me Ojo Bolarinde”

“Ohh hii”

“Halimat I am sure you have also ran out of school like everyone else”

“Naah I am not a coward joor, I ain’t scared of non” Halimat replied trying to convince Oj of her boldness.

“I pray ooo” Oj laughing.

“See this one oo, you think it’s everyone that will run away like you” Halimat teased.

“Thank you o and you that didn’t run, where are you na”

“I am…. i… I am..” Halimat started stammering.

“Hahaha you see you are lying after all” Oj teased.

“No I am not” Halimat snapped jokingly.

“Then where are you” Oj still laughing.

“Am at the Arch Angels Mansion” Halimat replied, she didn’t really wanted to say that but she believed Oj meant no harm for her.

“For real” Oj asked smiling barely audibly, that was mission accomplished for him, he already knew Halimat and Hadijat were staying in the Arch Angel’s but he just wanted to hear directly from her mouth.

“Yes for real, are you happy now” Halimat asked.

“Errmm let’s just say I still don’t believe you”

“Now that’s your problem” Halimat almost getting angry now.

“Halimat let me call you later, there’s someone at my door”

“Okay then” Halimat replied and dropped the call, she wasn’t hundred percent okay with disclosing her location to Oj but then again, to her Oj was just a very cool dude who cares so much about her, who even loves her to the extent of accepting to wait for her until anytime she’s ready to go into a relationship again. She was actually starting to love him and any moment from now, she’s gonna give in to him.

Few hours later, the house was filled again with members of the Arch angels, they were all waiting for Host to come and address them about the new formation. Most of them were really unhappy about the turn out of events, they were supposed to be leading the white tigers in scores and not the other way round, after several hours of waiting, Host came out and all the murmuring stopped.

“I want everyone to keep their phones away and give me maximum attention” Host said and waited for all of them to keep their phones away “I know you all are surprised with the recent turn out of events but not to worry, I am sure at this very moment the scores must be levelled up or we might even be leading. We have to show them that we run this campus, we only let them be because they agreed that we were superior to them but now the they think they are bigger than us, we shall cut them down” Host paused as he saw Slimmy’s car arriving. Gentle, Slimmy and Rofiat walked into the compound and Slimmy Went straight to were Host was standing.

“Slimmy, how far, what’s the news”

“We caught them napping bossman” he whispered to Host.

“Don’t whisper it to me, let them hear the good news” Host said pointing to the people standing around.

“The new score is 7-5, I alongside Gentle and Rough just dropped 5 mptherfu<king white tigers” Slimmy announced and there was jubilation all around the compound, all of them jumped for joy until Host signalled for them to stop. Host was about to say something when someone’s phone started ringing, there was deafening silence as they all kept quiet to see whose phone was ringing, it didn’t take long to see who the owner of the was.

“Fabio step out” Host barked, Fabio ran out immediately and Slimmy went closer to him and brought out the ringing phone, he checked for the caller ID.
**Small Tiger**

Baba, he’s not picking his calls.” OJ said to Screw who was balanced on the armless leather chair.

“What could be the reason?” Screw asked after sitting up, a note of urgency sounded in his voice.

“Maybe they are in another meeting. He’s gonna get back to us as soon as possible.” OJ assured.

“Okay, we should…” Screw was saying when Small barged into the place looking disturbed. “Small!” Screw narrowed his gaze.

“What’s the matter?” OJ asked, giving Small a searching look.

Small remained quiet and kept panting until Coded walked in. He took a glance at his phone which was in OJ’s hand and folded his arms.

“Baba!” Coded hailed as he proceeded towards Screw directly, OJ gave way for him to pass.

“Coded, what’s wrong? Your face looks too strong for a good evening like this.” Screw said half joking and half serious. Coded stopped right in front of him and stood like a soldier.

“Baba, there’s a little problem o.”

“What problem?” Screw asked.

“The Arch Angels have fired back, they took out five of our men today.” Coded replied.

“Shi*t!” Screw bit his lips and ran his fingers through his hair in anger. “How did it happen? I thought OJ has warned the boys about their plan before.” Screw turned to OJ.

“Yes, I warned them and explained to everyone their strategy.” OJ voiced out, his face clearly revealing the shock he got from the news.

“Baba, it’s three of their top members that struck, I don’t think those five boys in the Ghetto Lodge would have been able to fight them.” Coded said.

“Where were you?” Screw turned to Small.

“I believe Small was lucky to escape,” Coded was still the one who answered, Small was still looking dumbfounded. “Four of the boys were sleeping, while…” Coded tried to explain but ran out of words, he turned to Small who was there to explain himself.

All eyes turned to Small, he managed to clear his throat and began almost inaudibly. “Six of us were in the lodge, three of the guys were already sleeping in the living room while I was playing the DeathBath game with Saviour. I took an excuse to go and get some cold drinks outside as our refrigerator went bad since yesterday. I was at the gate and was about to enter back into the compound when I noticed the Arch Angels feathers in front of the gate.

I stepped back to look around if I could catch a glimpse of anyone of them around but I didn’t. I concluded that they had just come to drop their signature at the front of the gate to warn us, I considered it as an empty threat and wanted to enter into the compound, I didn’t believe they could be so bold to come into the house.

But I was saved when I saw one of them standing outside, he noticed me as I already touch the gate and it creaked. At the same moment, I saw Slimmy and Rofiat walk out of the house in confidence. Gentle mentioned some words and they were coming after me immediately. Thank God I knew the area better than them, I was able to hide in a bush until they left, they themselves didn’t waste more than a minute in searching for me.” Small concluded his narration.

So na so five boys go?” Screw complained loudly, sounding troubled. “We’re taking this matter too lightly.”

There was silence for some minutes as if they had planned to take some minutes silence in respect of the dead, but they all were thinking of the best possible way to stay ahead in the game, the Arch Angels shouldn’t outsmart them in any way.

“What’s the next step now Baba?” OJ broke the silence but Screw had gone far in his thoughts. The event that flashed back into Screw’s mind was his second encounter with Host, an encounter that revealed Host’s true colours and made him revere Host greatly.

**2 Years Ago**

Screw had grown in rank in the cult. He was now one of the senior members while his cousin who was had refused to graduate from school was still the Capon. Screw was now greatly feared in his department and in the whole school. No one dared to cross his path, of course except freshers who were new in the system and bold enough to want to cause trouble in their first year. Freshers who showed so much boldness were not dealt with instantly but they were first watched by the Tigers to see if they were already in a cult, those who weren’t in cults were lured into joining the Tigers and those who refused to join were wasted.

Screw was now a terror in his department, he always made use of his influence to harass those he didn’t like in the department. One person who he wasn’t able to harass was Olarenwaju, his Arch Enemy. Olarenwaju who was always seen at the front of the class making jokes and dropping rap punchlines always found a way to escape after the lectures ended. Screw would look for him in order to start a fight but would never find him except during lecture periods teasing lecturers or making the whole class laugh. Soon, Olarenwaju stopped attending classes frequently and a rumour began to spread that he had joined a cult. A lot of his classmates who loved him for his friendliness disagreed and insulted the rumour mongers. Only if they knew he didn’t just join but was just promoted from a lower rank to a senior member, they would have kept their mouths shut.

Screw was one of those who believed that he had just joined a cult. Thinking that Olarenwaju was just a low ranked junior, he became more desperate in his search for a way to harm Olarenwaju. He swore to himself that Olarenwaju would be taught a lesson anytime they met but unfortunately for him, he was the one taught a lesson.

They finally met two weeks after the Easter break, the then White Tigers Capon had declared a War of Supremacy between them and the Angels. Several members of the Arch Angels had been killed and the Tigers were leading with a wide gap in scores.

Scorpion, Screw’s Cousin who doubled as the Tiger’s head and some of his major boys had gone to one of their joints and hideouts, an uncompleted building, to chill. Screw was among the boys who went with Scorpion. As Scorpion settled on a brick and brought out a cigar to light, he saw a message on the floor and a feather with it. He called the attention of some of his boys and they all read it together.

“The Host of Angels is coming to sting the scorpion by 5.45pm.” They read the message aloud. Scorpion took a look at his wristwatch, it was 5.43pm already.

“Damn it!” Scorpion said as he flung his cigar away. How on earth were they able to discover and gain entry into this hideout? He asked himself.

“Check around, kill the bastard mofos you see,” he barked at the five of his boys who were there. They took out their weapons and bounced out of the place, spreading themselves tactically to fill the compound. Soon, there was a shootout and only Scorpion and his cousin were left alive. They both escaped through the window into a forest nearby but the Angels who were larger in number pursued after them.

Both Scorpion and Screw were surprised when they met with another group of Angels on the way. There was nowhere else to run to, they were in the middle of the enemies. The ones pursuing after them caught up with them and met Scorpion and Screw kneeling down, they were commanded to face down and not lift up their heads.

After they had received some slaps and punches from even the younger ones of the Angels. A guy dressed in a green garment finally came down from a tree.

“Hello,” he said with a crooked smile. “I am Host, nice to meet you.” Host extended his hand towards Scorpion’s face and landed him a hot slap. “You dare declare a war against the Angels?” Host added another hot slap with his left hand.

Screw heard Host talking, nobody in oposition knew who Host was but they knew he was the new Angels’ Major Hitman. They never suspected that the terrible Host could be a three hundred level student, they thought he was someone else in 500 level. Screw was tempted to look up and he did. He couldn’t hold back his shock when he saw Olarenwaju’s face.

“You?” He voiced out almost inaudibly.

“Yes,” Host replied him with an evil smile and landed a heavy slap on his face which got him rolling on the floor. Host took out his pistol and faced Scorpion.

“My Capon didn’t deem you worthy enough for him to kill you himself, he sent me to you. Just a section led by me, Host, a junior Angel can sting the Scorpion himself, the noisemaker of the Tigers.” Host added a scornful laughter. “Capon says you should greet your fathers in hell when you get there.” With that Host delivered a bullet into Scorpion’s forehead and began to walk away. He suddenly paused and turned to Screw who was still on the floor.

“Strip him naked, flog him blue black and leave him alive so that he can deliver the message of what the Angels have done to the Tigers to the School and to the whole world.” Host added another scornful laughter before walking away, a number of boys walked away with him while some others stay to deliver the judgement on Screw


Screw twitched in discomfort as he recalled the pains of the wood and cables on his body. After that day’s humiliation and suffering, he had vowed to take his revenge. He went into hiding for a while, when he returned, he started gathering the lost Tigers and became their head, with the backing of their other sections in other University campuses, the Tigers grew strong again but not as strong as the Angels.

Screw was desperate to have his revenge and that was his main aim for the war of supremacy although he hid it from his boys. But he wasn’t sure if this was the right time as Host who had become the new Angel’s Capon and his team were still as strong as ever. But there wasn’t time to waste also, they had less than two semesters to leave the school, it was either now or never. For Screw, it was more a matter of life and death, Host and his other enemies must be killed, he would surely do that or die trying. The other two people who Screw recognized to be part of Host’s led team then, that dished out the strokes on his body were Gentle and Slimmy.

He could win this war, all he needed was to have a mole in the Angels group which he already had. Everything required now was just to get more information and work with it.

“Baba, what’s the next step?” OJ repeated his question.

“Let the dead mourn themselves. Call back that dude now and let’s see what he’s got.”

OJ took out his phone and dialed Fabio’s number again. The call was answered.




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March 16, 2019

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