Poetry Corner: The Sage’s Muses Vol 2.

Poetry Corner: The Sage’s Muses Vol 2.

Poetry Corner.

(A Collection of Poems).


-Armed with his hammer and anvil,

He makes shape of the toughest metal,

Smashing and slamming atop the choiceless.

Bang! Bang! sings the agents of change.

-Armed with weapons of courage and determination,

like his bellows fans the searing flames.

Unmindful is he today of his sores and blisters,

All and more for now is a nought to worry.

A king is he in his realm of metal,

To pass judgement of what becomes his target.

Though soundless hails of curses upon him rains his victim,

To the monarch ‘The end justifies the MEANS’

A guard is he in this realm he chose,

To spike and catalyse the element in weakness,

Or slow and halt when strength overflows.

It’s all to make useful an element for mankind.

_Saliu yemi 2019_

Gee! Woe Unto He.

From a curvy rib we  molded her,

In a curvy manner she did acted indeed.

Care not,  when she act,

Turning heaven to  earth.

Woe unto he, that haul over her coals

When she acts as cat’s paw

watch!  see which way the cat jumps

Then peace shall govern.

Oh yee,  put up with her beauties of differences,

For they sprouts like peacock feathers with dog flees.

Masticate the gum of serenity,

When the curvy way she act.

Paciolo Pen Saint.

Senseless Pace.

And when you raise your unlined face

Above the leafy bamboo shrub

Tiny bracts fray the night wind

In song fraught with unbroken euphony

Humming along my uncivilised desire

Loyalty of ancient spears

Playing my brow strings the chords of Adungu

Harping obsessive fright, the touch of steel

Pounding round the leaps of my heart

The saintly beats of Mukasa’s drum

And before the swiftness of your lips

The wells are blushing, the rainbow’s saintly kiss

Macaw beak chirping, muscles flexing

Rain patters in suspenseful rigour

Clouds rumbling without a thunder

All falling to the mellow print of your feet

Whirring each sway of  cassava stalk

Waiting every tickle of your enchanting lisp

The notes of your tongue waving inches deeper than nerves

And while you hold my hand

There’s a seizure in my cells

Suddened by subtle grasp

Your sleek touch laid upon canvas skin

Reclining like a tethered calf

Caught in the falls of ecstasy

dripping off its mother’s bosom

Like night’s rush into the moon’s embrace

Chained within your radiant stare

My helpless conscience tuned to senseless pace

And in your unblinking eyes

A piercing glint of sapphire

Lies below the unrestrained effluence

Of hopes and dreams

Of love sealed in coffee grain

Surfed along reigns of faith

At the jaded gates of fate

Your blithesome smile’s eternal dazzle

Living on in me through the Atlantic’s blinding storm.

– Umar Trife Wamboze

( Uganda )


If animals could be living life of anti-racism

If different breeds of animals could live without separatism

If flying birds could be flying in unison

If breeds of animals could center on viands without treason

If love could exist amidst animals

If animals could win medal of love despite their sense in minimals

If animals could tame themselves without being lame

If different breeds of animals could mingle as if they are same

Then wonder of ours; of cattiness, of odium

Is it till our pens turn rulers, or till its ink turn gum;

For us to be merged, for us to be well ruled?

For the probability animals, of their loving world, is in high tune.

©Hammed J. Sulaiman


Poetic Soul

The Road

The expressway

I can see the end of the road

The highway to go through

Oh! Such a delight

Always such a sight

Very pleasing to the heart

So eager was the first step

No, on the fourth step,

Already a pothole!

Where did that come from?

Currently on the tenth step

And here stood a crater

But looking beyond

I can still see

The glossy mirage of the tar

Calling to me

Telling to walk through

Cause I still haven’t seen the sight

The beautiful shiny black sight

Endless in view

But always out of reach…


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