Poetry Corner: Ajakaye Rashidat’s Expressions.

Poetry Corner: Ajakaye Rashidat’s Expressions.

Poetry Corner.

(A Collection of Poems).



O ye sonny of Methuselah ‘s rise!

Cool, calm as the dawns rise,

not just today tastes your era

but let birth enjoy its break fast.

In the best haven, no mor – leider

as Basit. Matters bow at your Croesus cast.

The jewel in Sidi rapes

into recognition of gapes.

Oh what excellency in you!

Foreordained distinction springs in you!

Our love for you… Not flood run,

waiting from stars till dawn,

hold kind mess and grasp your horse.

They art the King of course.

Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.


Foot the bills of justice and one quality

in the still waters of law,

mild soul of hopeful masses vote sorrows.

On a sticky wicket, movers tag a crime,

crime of squeal one, spaded promises as milk on dog’s floor.

Tyrannic rulers, scentless, colourless tricks.

Oh what regression in mutualism,

a bird told me the truth,

deep waters of law

on the plate of anarchy and poverty’s dutch courage.

Patience turns a crime

as job for boss hug it gotten gain.

Commanding lead of penuries where they live not,

procrastinate their meals, stealing their time

to dead stones of change.

Sighing in the worse of wear,

after speeches of window dressings,

leaders dawn with fain praise, fame squit.

Nothing more but hardship where they dine not,

know for a fact the happiness of Kings lavatory

smiles in the lap of law

than fathering bones sobbing in promises.

Oh white friends of hard knocks!

Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.


Oh my beloved dawn in nef!

The earth scares me of my existence,

what essence is nomadism

if your ship careens no more.

My fate and faith has lost the world’s hope,

no path to shadow , just your memory resonates me of annihilated happiness.

Well, the herbalist consults lame men in in bushes,

life is nothing but murder as I remember

that night on the coffee table.

Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.


She cries in eager appetite and determination,

in the Freetown of Uncle Sam,

knowing the cold troubles and erecting nail of Mr. Sam.

Beauty racing elephants to fornication,

whipping intentions as they met,

a fate worse than death,

oh you rash, gadarene fate!

No more… ne’er ne’er to fate.

Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.

Eulogy ‘ God’s Plan(Lagos State)

Oh my Lagos!

Can Romans do without you?

The land after God’s plan and chartis,

bringing all colonies of the State under her affectionate umbrella ,

safe as houses, good as nef of Lazarus,

a great chasm between her toes and others.

Anatolikos weak men as water

dent pails of oil on our roads.

Murder not my land with piracy and fake products.

4,247,088 in her to the gate crushers of 1,802,931

as Aliyu Aziz says of National Identity Management Commission,

Uncle Sam and Britain sees our edge and notability .

Oh Lagos, connate and eternal colonialist of Africa!

Prodigal guests struggle her roads

for the boat of Lagos over the sea of economic hardship,

movers and shakes, creme dela creme swim in blood and honey

for our calm and mightily terrible seats.

A little bird said we are hoodlums,

we are the wildest, still on the mill pond,

humble parrot, we reign forever.

If our gold rusts, how about your iron?

We chase you not

for an elephant complaints not of its weighty trunk,

only stampede receive loads of large buttocks,

boohoo boohoo, I sob for  trials behind Lagos scenes.

Come fill your wild firing stomachs ,

we chase only the illegal chase of fortune.

Centre of excellence!


Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.



Sitting on my bed each night,

holding hands with my sadness,

weariness etched on my face,

I watch loneliness swaying his hips before me.

Ajakaye :

Hanging on batters of halyard ,

eating my breath before a lion,

deadly man of the den bleeds my ambience.

Sadness has come everyday,

as wine on the baring table of focus.

Hello Miss Precious, can you salvage me?


Wearing sadness like a flower,

climbing the walls of fear while mourning my dead soul.

My stomach a hard knot of fear,

I know what hell looks like,

the hell inside of me…


Blues of the lido prying,

battling anger of its goddess peels my booking.

Ennui and morosity has hawked me, red to black.

Kissed the lips of courage till slack.

Oh ye the Lord of mercies,

lend me a mortal as God of Moses’

Okeke :

Hiding my face between my thighs,

sipping my tears from a glass coloured with sadness;

Avoiding eye contact with my reflection;

Staring angrily at my shadow

I knew I died a long time ago.

Ajakaye :

Rabbit not your face,

it takes two to a place,

concinnity is green as hope,

Precious, you and I can sleep depression

to the farthest part of dens.

Okeke Precious


Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.

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