National Trumpet.



Without any exaggeration tell all writers for those who care to listen to how the chirps gush rhythmically to all creators they should be apt to write ,fight and rise with the metal in their hand tell them they should be ready to walked and touched the heart of africa tell them they should con before they write tell them they should be ready to set and find new curriculum of learning tell them to secure the best future for the next generation tell them they are God , prophets , projectors, professor’s which secure deficiency and viruses in society. tell them they should not be depressed when they are rejected being rejected is a step stone to success tell them letters F doesn’t stand for failure in life it mean (find another answer) tell them they should be purposeful writers you wear every creature shoe and to know how and where it hurts them,  you are a teacher the best thing you can do dear writer you are meant to bring the best out of your self and others. your worth is not written in the book or the vain accolade you received. Tell all writers don’t let the judge results and examination determine your success in life dear writers you are the touch light to which society use in seeing the brightness between now and forever in history




Since the time of conception before you were restored from your mother tummy i have seen manys lost emperor you’ve awake seeing the way you fly above the skies without wings I have steer my eyes seeing your pert glory more brighter than the moon I sympathize and I was perplexed seeing you giving up in this journeys this’s not the right time to give up this’s time for you to amend your torn clothes time has come to stop shedding tears the time has come to oasis your voice for all inanimate .Dear writer be optimistic beat away the fear in your tummy you are a hero don’t disparage your self prepare ahead for the future, be the best you can be, your is to build your dream more stronger than rock be determine writer set pace for others fighters to follow



Tell all writers this is not the right time to write for love this is not the right time to secure for medals and we forgot that we celebrate war together with fun. Nigerian is sick she needs antidote to cure is heroes ailment. in our land we don’t longer live anymore we live in another man treasure pitch our ancestors are perplexed they need menstruation ink to cure their grief tell all writers we paddle our anthem with the sake of peace, unity and progress the progresss of our land has been distracted and exchange with promblem tell them to re-write about the lost glory of our land tell them to write to lawmakers ( write to the police man reminise them about their sin write to the youth tell them about their ill activities write the to soldiers about their inflamable flaws and insecurity , write to government about the economy hardship and suffering we conquered in our land . All writers come out this’s the right to time to write and strike for our rights let us rise all this miasma to an end




Tell all lighters “we need to be free from boredom so called freedom”.””Anyone who is near tells you how much smells has intoxicate your body”” tell all writers they should write for the girls child , the boy child’s they should chat away fake news rolling like waves in media house .Tell them writers are change makers not a noise marker they should be appreciated writers who transform society with is words to the last breath



When the cock crowns day by day flames of tears sinks on my cheeks I treak profusely to my localities I feel the empathy likewise the pain which paint away people jobs being a writer I set back on my trap and I have to  strives harder to cure the grief with my red blood filled with ink.


Tell all writer they should write for another writer for another writer to see their writing statement for other writers to see that writing is not sediment . we must stunts our ink over our precious sites (Nigeria) all writers! our land is full of deceit the purpose of man is to see the gooodness in is land. when will african be brave , when will development starts to arises? When could we stopped facing threat in our country?


Let join hands together to decide the freedom and futures of our upcoming generation all writers come out let’s fight for this!


My fellow fighter , I knew how you battled with your keyboard without having sleepless nights I fly around the street seeing (Alimagiri )the son of hope walking with golding shoes around local community my soul was dis-arranged because I must rises against this, to an end ,with an optimistic mind. I will work to skip depression that’s terms to writers despite the harmless gifts we didn’t received rather our street is not smiling with much ado I must redesign my father land (Nigeria) with the broken pieces of peace the Gods has seized  over a donkey years . When the rain falls it’s a must for thunder to strikes firstly, All writers come out and amend our ancestors region



Let us review the heart of our mother’s , writers. let reband her verses from broken down  into pieces she had sacrificed her life with the exchange of words let revised those sermon words. All writers come out let revisit Nigeria to save her life once again. Don’t spears even a word on her skin cover all save her from abortion before she committed suicide. All writers reframe your swords come out and rise one again come out All writers!!!!

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