Poetry Corner : The Sage’s Muses.

Poetry Corner : The Sage’s Muses.

Poetry Corner.

(An Anthology).



Independence gotten whiles ago,

republic appearing as purse strings,

our mother (Nigeria) dies in god fatherism, tribalism and red ruins

sends her to the fence of dissatisfaction.

Old ambassadors of poverty

buy pig in poke for generations,

she falls underneath the undertow,

unable to breathe in rabid sovranty,

leaders as elephants match heavily on her feet,

dreaming minorities cry in hellfiring silence.

Just see, see them…Hoping and wishing,

awen of favouritism and prejudice among her children ,

majorities see nihilism as instrument of home rule ,

what about the giraffing necks unconsciously  beside promises,

a coward is better than the dead.

Cause me to keep my bell for now.


Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.



Foot the bills of justice and one quality

in the still waters of law,

mild soul of hopeful masses vote sorrows.

On a sticky wicket, movers tag a crime,

crime of squeal one, spaded promises as milk on dog’s floor.

Tyrannic rulers, scentless, colourless tricks.

Oh what regression in mutualism,

a bird told me the truth,

deep waters of law

on the plate of anarchy and poverty’s dutch courage.

Patience turns a crime

as job for boss hug it gotten gain.

Commanding lead of penuries where they live not,

procrastinate their meals, stealing their time

to dead stones of change.

Sighing in the worse of wear,

after speeches of window dressings,

leaders dawn with fain praise, fame squit.

Nothing more but hardship where they dine not,

know for a fact the happiness of Kings lavatory

smiles in the lap of law

than fathering bones sobbing in promises.

Oh white friends of hard knocks!


Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.


Did you think that,

When you burned me.

And dance like the devil

On my dead body.

And left me for the

Winds to take me away.

Eyeliner for the sun’s eyes in the void.

Did you think that,

You obliterated my identity?

And erased my history?

And my bliefs?

And my real face?

Your tries are useless

No death for a rebel

I’m like the END..

 one day  I come

I’m like Jesus

Coming back..and strongly

From every storm,

I’m gathering my


I will come back

The oldest admirer


I will bring back the greatest, greatest REVOLUTION.


Junaid Abdulkadir (HAIFAN).



Intellectuals waiting in the wings,

Tyler of Vampire Diaries,

thirsty for your rings,

great men spend their wings,

moon is the power of mercies.

Doesn’t rain but pours in stars,

wisely viewing the  duskiness gangsters.

Life serendipitously  owing you its donates,

governing scraps and claps in rotates.



Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo



Corruption begins with me,

For my money is my muscle;

Strengthening me in constructing storey of illegality,

And my wealth is my wing;

Enabling me in flying over the sanctions of our society.

Corruption begins with me,

For I am the marabout whose prayers is meant for beings’ success;

And either way must my kin be the beneficiaries of those beings’ success,

I am the man of mat, I am the man of beads;

Whose aim is of licking beings’ salty sweat as meed.

Corruption begins with me,

For I am the evangelist of prayerful lime;

Whose stock-in-trade is of savouring beings’ dime,

I am the man of hymn, I am the man of bell;

Spiritually gathering the facade of worldly things to my belly.

Corruption begins with me,

For I am the no-nonsense man in a khaki dress;

Whose stern eyes birth much phobia to the beings’ minds,

I am the officer of law and my physique is my allure;

Enticing for me daily breads.

Corruption begins with me,

For I am the judge with a wick wig;

Wicking for me flavours from the balanced beings,

And my black gown is my cloak;

Where usually I hide weapons in juggling judging favourable cases.

Corruption begins with me,

I am the politician whose primary premium prayer is to prey on people;

I am the journalist, I am the teacher, I am the common man on street with the affection for nepotism;

Singing “You are corrupted, I am corrupted, we are corrupted”;

And so – corruption begins with me.


©Hammed J. Sulaiman



1.Mounted on axles,driven on wheels,

Does the lifeless shape of the living,so atypical of one that kills.

Helplessly stagnant in a position without it’s driver,

For all men to believe it just a symbol of the strong.

Alas! in it’s belly,they patiently waited,

With a cause in their will,reign illum finally abated.

keen in listening and swords awaiting,

Armours protecting and minds whispering,


2.The lifeless vessel,a gift to treasure,

Only and very first of it’s kind. “Value without measure”

To bring to the land, greatness it deserves,

Unknown to many arrives a plague in reverse.

As she conveys into town her army to be,

A product of their well defined Odyssey indeed..


3.Shadows of the great,a mere parasite of the present day,

Infects and stings just like it’s moments that day,

Pretending to be meek, destroyer in the shadow unseen.

Creating it’s silhouette of destruction, a menace it brings.

Though she creates and destroys today,

Alters and change in her own defined way,

Below the azure clouds of my mind sounds the imagination,

Of the day of victory,when bells make tintinnabulation.



Saliu yemi 2019.



O ye sonny of Methuselah ‘s rise!

Cool, calm as the dawns rise,

not just today tastes your era

but let birth enjoy its break fast.

In the best haven, no mor – leider

as Basit. Matters bow at your Croesus cast.

The jewel in Sidi rapes

into recognition of gapes.

Oh what excellency in you!

Foreordained distinction springs in you!

Our love for you… Not flood run,

waiting from stars till dawn,

hold kind mess and grasp your horse.

They art the King of course.


Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.



Calamity and crisis kept blazing

Like a morning sun shining

Sad and sobbing heart

What ear will listening to our cry?

To the voice of distress and torment

Everyone is lonely and angry

To the awful condition

Pretending to be happy when pain strike

But doesn’t mean everything is going well

Just keep smiling to hide fear and tears

Life is not the bed of roses

But hope is not lost,

Greatness is achievable.

Take a new step, desist from deceit.

Hope for the best, hope is never lost.

Pray and seek for the right path.

Never let life and dignity mishaps discourage you.

Strive to make the best from mistakes.


Mr President Congratulations.


Mr. President…  Congratulations!

We have wield to you the authority.

Exercise it effectively and shun misrule

Nigerian are hoping for a good future prospect.

And, then let a good administration reign,

Full of leaders that promotes public good,

Recognized with probity and trust

Say no corruption;

And disregard been oblivious to the masses.

Let the nation grow in riches and disperse mediocrity and autocracy.

Yet, let a true democracy reign

Bound in freedom and justice.




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